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When you phone to say.....no!

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by Penguin1212, May 21, 2011.

  1. Just a quick question to heads out there. Had my second interview for a senior role, a DHT in a primary. There were 3 candidates short listed, one was let go at lunch and I made it to the end of the day....but unfortunately I was not appointed. I have to say felt my interview was much better than the first time, there are still areas where you feel that you should have said x, y or z or phrased things differently or in more detail but it was better! Of course I was disappointed but the head called and made me feel so uplifted - but I am wondering, now that I have had time to tick over, when you call do you say things to make sure the person doesn't feel too bad or is what you say to them genuine? I hope it was....I still need to phone LA and ArchD for my formal feedback after the weekend - but the things he said had filled me full of real confidence and enthusiasm..........I know you can't see into this head's brain....but what do you do? Do you say what you mean or what you think the person needs to hear with bad news?????
  2. Honestly-a bit of both.
    People put so much time and effort into applying for jobs I always thank them and wish them good luck for the future, then offer a time to give more detailed feedback at our convenience.
    If I genuinely feel the person was a very good candidate but was unsuccessful, I may go into a bit more detail when giving the bad news.
    You should be uplifted and have done very well to get an interview. Two of my HT friends have just appointed DHT and both got over 20 applicants so keep on trying and good luck.
  3. I agree - and if they ask for specifics of why they were turned down I try to give them if they will help in their further job hunts...
  4. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    I've always done a bit of both, especially with the one(s) shortlisted down to the final interview, as in your case.
    It's not an exact science, selecting the best candidate and sometimes mistakes are made. If your choice is between two or three excellent candidates you'll happily never know if you made a mistake as a head - but if the selected candidate turns out not to be as good as you expected, you often wonder about the one(s) that got away!
  5. Thanks! I appreciate those answers - I am so close, or so my initial feedback seems to be - but need a quick lift to help me secure that position, I know the right job is out there so Ill just keep doing my thing until it happens!!! Thanks x

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