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When we start being paid?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by TusitalaH, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. TusitalaH

    TusitalaH New commenter

    Apologies if this is very much a newbie question, but:

    We have accepted an offer for teaching posts in China for the next academic year and in the letter it specified the Employment Period beings on Aug 06, 2019. This is the date we've been asked to arrive on, although they are flexible a couple of days either side. The school year doesn't start until roughly two weeks after this, and I believe the first week is an induction/orientation process for new teachers.

    Based on people's experience, do you think will we start being paid from this date, or the date we actually start teaching? I know this is something I should ask the school, but am concerned it's rather a silly question and would like to gauge opinion here first. It's also not a dealbreaker, but would be good to know.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. lottee1000

    lottee1000 Occasional commenter

    You should get paid from the day you start work. Any school which wants you to go through induction is one to avoid like the plague. It shold be a deal breaker. A simple way of asking (although it should be in your contract anyway) is to ask about when you get paid, claiming you need it for banking reasons.
  3. Ne11y

    Ne11y Occasional commenter

    I had a similar thing.

    We had a start date, which was over a week before school and it was paid for as it was compulsory training sessions for all (not just new) staff. We were advised to turn up a week in advance, which wasn't paid for, but we got 7 nights in a hotel (paid for by the school) and support on flat hunting (very good, found the right flat within the week and got moved in by the school) in the meantime.

    You could basically ask about that kind of process: when you arrive, will they provide accommodation and support in finding a place to live before the contract starts? The answer to this may clarify the situation.
  4. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    Induction is very common and fully reasonable, if paid. Good schools do it, and good schools pay for it.
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  5. TusitalaH

    TusitalaH New commenter

    Thank you, all. Yes I have no quibble about there being an induction, in fact I fully welcome it.

    As the offer letter (we haven't signed a contract yet) specified the Employment Period begins on Aug 6th (the date they ask us to arrive), I hope this means we will be paid from this date. I just wanted to check is this was a reasonable assumption, rather than being paid from the day we actually start teaching.

    Good advice on tactful ways to ask, thanks! I know there should be no issue with asking such a question, but it feels like I'll come across mercenary, or at least pushy. Being too British about it, I know.
  6. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Yes, and they might take out out for dinner at the rather good Redang Island Cafe in Fumin, if you are going to be teaching at my old school in SZ. The mango fish is delicious.
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  7. clovispoint

    clovispoint Occasional commenter

    I wasn't paid for my inductions. Salary was paid from the start of my teaching contract. I did receive a variety of things depending on where I worked e.g. flights, shipping, accommodation, childcare, settling in allowance, meals etc.

    It definitely would have been a bad move to avoid the posts I accepted on the basis of a week's induction. You need a bit of give and take, and it was mostly take even though I wasn't being paid by my new employer. I was still being paid salary from my last post so I did not feel I was out of pocket.
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  8. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    I was in similar position to yours:
    • Arrived 9th August, everyone arrived that day
    • Few days of orientation, such as trip to supermarkets, IKEA, getting medical certificate, setting up bank account etc
    • One week induction at school for all staff including getting to know the systems, setting up classroom, policies, getting to know staff...
    • Start teaching 22nd August (or thereabouts, can't remember)
    First salary was paid 31st August. I got paid for the whole month, starting 1st August.
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  9. missmissmiss

    missmissmiss New commenter

  10. GeordieKC

    GeordieKC Occasional commenter

    Contracts are normally for a fixed time, so to an extent the start date is not too important. If the contract starts on the 6th August, you will be paid from the 6th of August, and when you leave at the end of the contract you will be paid until 5th August.

    More important for new teachers is to be aware of the cash flow situation in the first few months - ask the school for projections of how much you can expect to be paid and when, and what expenses you are likely to encounter (rent deposits can be an unpleasant surprise).

    Any good school will want to ensure you have completed work permit formalities (paperwork, medical,...) and got yourself organised with housing, transport etc. before school starts.
  11. binaryhex

    binaryhex Lead commenter

    It doesn’t bode well that you feel you can’t do the obvious thing, and ask them.
  12. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

    If your contract states that your employment starts on 6th August then you will be paid from that date.

    You will be paid at the end of August or start of September. Your contract will confirm the date.

    You need to ask if they'll loan you money for accommodation - it's generally 3 months upfront in China, plus 0.5 months to the rental agent.

    Which city are you going to? It can be more expensive for rent than they tell you it will be.
  13. TusitalaH

    TusitalaH New commenter

    Thanks everyone, very useful insights.

    It's Beijing, but the school provides accommodation on campus so we don't have to worry about that particular set-up cost. I know will be paid on the 10th for the previous month, so will need a fair amount of cash to tide us over.
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  14. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    To solve this issue some schools ask you to attend 2 weeks orientation end of August to complete medical and visa processing. You can not be legally employed in China till you have satisfactory pass the medical and completed the visa process, so any contract you have sign is nul and void until those two stages are completed anyway.

    Contract for 1st year then runs for 11 months in case the staff members leaves before the end of the 2 years and second year runs for 13 months till the end of September. This gives you 24 full months salary over the 2 years. In one way you do pick up 2 weeks free salary.

    This is all laid out in the contract so you know before you arrive.
  15. spanboy

    spanboy Occasional commenter

    @TusitalaH - in addition to your original question you might want to ask about HOW the school will pay you, due to recent changes in pay/tax. What should happen is that your August payment will be lower than what your monthly net salary is quoted in your contract. Then what happens is your net pay decreases slightly month by month until end of December. Then in January of 2020, you net will shoot up again, being higher than your net as quoted on your contract, and this will then begin to decrease a little, month by month until the end of the academic year. So, in short, the more net you get a month, the less tax you pay, and vice versa - it all evens itself out over the year, but it may affect cash flow on the 'poor' months. I know of one school here in Beijing where they are carrying on as before, paying teachers the same each month...so it's worth asking which method of payment they are going with.
  16. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

    It's also worth preparing yourself to be cut off from the outside world.

    Express VPN has been down all afternoon and evening :mad:
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  17. TusitalaH

    TusitalaH New commenter

    Thanks everyone!

    Oh no! This was the VPN I was going to go with as I'd heard it's the best... Would you still recommend it over others? Or does anyone have any other suggestions?
  18. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    Astrill working fine!
  19. GreenGlover

    GreenGlover New commenter

    Astril fine, but BBC I-payer appears to be blocking vpns
  20. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    I'll send you a conversation.
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