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When TTCing what have you done differently?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Dalian Daisy, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Hello Ladies, I know from reading on here that we are quite an open & honest bunch on here so was hoping for a bit of advice or tips!!
    When you started TTcing what did you do differently e.g. lifestyle: Myself & partner re taking vitamins ( wellwoman/wellman) & I have been writing down my dates & paying attention to when fertile etc according to mymonthlycyles. I also have lost a bit of weight which is good but I havent stopped drinking or anything like that.
    The other thing is we have been used to, ahem, clearing up after DD but what are you meant to do, e.g. lie still, put legs up or just carry on as normal? If you have got pregnant did you put your legs up afterwards or not. It's just that I don't want our good work to go to waste if you know what I mean!![​IMG]
    Can I also ask how often you DD, is every other day ok or should you during your fertile period DD every day.. not that my husband minds at the moment! Lol! Opinions or thoughts v much welcome!
  2. I think legs up in the air might help, or at the very least a cushion under your bum! Also don't clean up (if you can bear it!) just dtd last thing at night and go straight to sleep afterwards to leave them in there for longer :) Also if you don't mind me saying (you did say "open and honest", hehe!) if you orgasm after him it'll give them more of a chance to get where they're going (muscle spasms move them upwards)! Good luck!! (and sorry for TMI!)
  3. Oh and I've been incredibly lucky and conceived two beautiful babies- obviously can't say if it helped or not but did all of the above :)
  4. Thanks Clematis! Very open and honest and no not at all TMi![​IMG] Certainly given me food for thought, esp the orgasm suggestion!
  5. Anyone else?
  6. Hiya Daisy,
    We both reduced alcohol and tried to eat as well as possible...without punishment! I also tried to convinve my OH to have cooler baths as he likes it hot! In terms on DTD....relaxing and trying not to be too regimented about it seems to have worked best for us....but very easily said especially if there are issues re fertility.
    TMI warning......I would also second the orgasm suggestion.......makes you feel great and seemed to do thr trick for us! On all fours with a little vobe (if thats your bag) was good too, allowed for maximum gravity pull afterwards with bum in the air....not overly graceful...but when in that state of relax does it matter? ;-) I also bought a mooncup which can be used to hold the seamen inside youwhilst you sleep...plus useful for your period.
    We experienced fertility concerns and the above techniques/strategies plus knowing it would take a while helped me particularly too!!!
    All the best Daisy :)
  7. I would also recommend putting a cushion under your bottom afterwards so you are at an angle - I did this for about 20 mins whilst reading a magazine and got pg that month. Funnily enough the month we did get pg we only dtd twice, so I am not sure dtd lots is the key. We were in the traditional missionary position both times.
    As for the orgasm, I had read that 'good' sex is important and that was the case for us too! Rather then just a quickie to get the job done try to make it good quality - ha ha! Can't believe I've written that!
    In terms of eating/drinking, we did both cut back on alcohol but can't say we did not have any that month. I also tried to be relaxed. I stopped using ovulation sticks too as thought that was making me too obsessive (interesting that the first month we stopped using these was the month we conceived).
    Best of luck x
  8. Hi JennCC, interesting reading!! TMI- Lol! Nooo, it's fine! You've got to be frank about these things haven't you!! Sorry to ask but is that a typo above ' on all fours with a little vobe'- dare I ask what a little 'vobe' is or am I opening myself up to a whole new world of TMI!!
    Interesting point about the mooncup.. think it might freak my husband out though! I have taken the suggestion if pillow under bum and relax for a while. It's nice trying at this time of year because we are more relaxed & no work pressure.
    Thank you too to the other poster who mentioned just making sure it's good and not rushing etc and that it's not always quantity but quality that matters. Exciting times!![​IMG]
  9. Daisy, here are the things that worked for us (we have one LO, got another one on the way and had 1 m/c in June) the 3 times we conceived: 1) taking a holiday, therefore being relaxed and not stressing about temps, diet and OV sticks 2) DTD in advance of ovulation - 2 days 'cut-off' with LO, 5 + 3 days cut off with this pregnancy and 6 & 4 days with the m/c (I've no idea why this worked for us but timing it on the day of/before ovulation just didn't work for us) 3) the pillow under bum thing. One other thing we did this time was use some ehem, lube (was this maybe what a previous poster was trying to say??). It was Sylk. Could just be coincidence though....Good luck to you.
  10. Hi Mariposa,
    Thanks for the tips. It's interesting what you said about the DTD in advance of ov. I think it just shows that DTD shouldn't be restricted just to what you think might be your fertile time but spread out a bit as you can never quite be sure. Another poster ( sorry I can't remember the name without navigating away from the pg) said they got pg & they had only DTD twice that mth.
    I haven't gone near the Ov sticks/temping route for precisely the reason you said that it can be stressful & knowing me, I might get a bit obsessed with it.
    It's hols time at the mo so we are certainly both more relaxed without the stress of work. If things don't get off to a good start it would be a good excuse for a hol though!! I would like to book one but OH isn't that into hols although he loves it when he gets there, also another part of me is thinking well you shouldn't be squandering money on hols if a baby is one the way.... still doesn't stop me looking at caribbean hols & dreaming!! Would love to go as have never been & I suppose once a baby is here then there will def be no going there for a while but then if we book it & I did fall pg imagine flying all that way can't be good being pg on a plane for that long.The other place I would love to go to is Barcelona. Where did you go if you don't mind me asking?
    Anyhow cheers for the tips- pillow under bum is being used-Lol!! Thanks again.
    Anyone else want to share their wisdom?
  11. Hiya Daisy...
    Yeah sorry for the typo should say vibe...not vobe ;-)
  12. Just popping by to say thanks. All good tips. Keep 'em coming. I've also steered clear of the ovulation sticks as its too much stressing and as DalianDaisy said, I'd also become obsessed with it all and possibly freak the OH out in the process!
  13. ITA76

    ITA76 New commenter

    I have also given up on the OPK - totally bored of them and to be honest they stress me out! I

    In fact I have given up TTC actively - am just relaxing and waiting and seeing what happens!
  14. Hi

    We tried for 18 months and I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with my first. I did the ovulation test thing after a year of trying without, really to check it was all working properly! Had blood tests etc off the GP as well. Did the pillow under bum thing, standing on head, all manner of contortions after DTD!!!!! We had discussed husband having his sperm count done, that was the next step but we wanted to wait til after our wedding in the summer hols... So we stopped the ovulation tests and just carried on as normal...
    Anyway I went on weightwatchers as I wanted to lose a bit before the wedding. As my size 12 dress fitted well, I only needed to lose about 1/2 a stone just to look a bit slimmer on the photos and to be confident in my bikini on honeymoon. I followed weightwatchers online for 2 1/2 months and was thrilled when I got down to my optimum BMI (according to weightwatchers online) having lost 7 kg. I went out and bought lots of new holiday clothes and an expensive bikini, and didn;t feel 'fat' in any of them... I was eating healthily, not drinking too much and getting plenty of exercise...
    You can imagine what happened next... Period was late, it was actually due when I was on an outdoor week with Y6! SO when I got home we did the test and... of course it was positive!!!!! SO I was 7 weeks pregnant on my wedding day and JUST squeezed into my new honeymoon clothes!
    It may have just been a fluke but I really think the diet helped. It was the only thing that changed in the 18 months we were TTC so it's worth a try. I wasn't really overweight either, I was a size 12, though sometimes I had to get a 14. I am 5'5". So definitely not fat. Maybe it was more to do with the healthy balanced diet that weightwatchers suggest, because it's not a crash diet and you certainly don't starve on it! Plus the more you exercise the more you can eat...
    Worth a try???
  15. Hi Noblesteed, Very interesting reading! I too have lost weight, mainly since coming off the pill. We wanted to get a few cycles under my belt before actively trying and I really think coming off has made a difference to my weight, along with twice weekly zumba, yoga and better eating as when you see the weight start to come off you don't want to undo your good work so you try a bit harder to be sensible. It made me laugh when you said that about your holiday clothes not fitting! I feel really good about my weight at the mo and wore a really fitting dress for NYE, was a bit expensive so would like to get more wear out if it. We have a friend's wedding in August but if anywhere near up the duff it will def not fit as is 'toight like a tiger!'.
    My other thought was I love going to zumba & it does really get the old heart going & work up a sweat but can I carry on when pg as have heard you are not meant to raise your core temperature too much as bad for baby. I think yoga would still be good but obviously there are poses to avoid and would have to speak to the instructor. I know there are special pg yoga classes which would be v suitable but do like the one at my gym.
    And as the other posters have said let's keep this thread going!! It's interesting hearing everyone's tips and thoughts!!

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