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when to tell

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by jamesmelanie1, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    When is the best time to tell my Head? What is the official date they need to know by?
  2. you have to tell your employer by the time you are 25 weeks pregnant. there is no legal reason to tell them sooner.
    however, pregnant women are allowed time off for antenatal appointments and any sick leave that is pregnancy related doesn't count as normal sick leave and pregnant women are entitled to a risk assessment which can change things (eg no duties where you're on your feet/outside/in a busy corridor getting knocked) so you can tell school whenever you want. i told my school at 7 weeks as i had a high risk pregnancy with lots of extra scans and ended up quite ill.
    congrats by the way [​IMG]
  3. I was 15 weeks when I told people at school. Scans and midwife appointments had begun to become a bit obvious by then [​IMG]
    Congratulations xxxx
  4. I told at 8 weeks as I had a scan then, and wanted my line manager to know incase I needed time off for anything happening.
    It is up to you really, the first trimester of pregnancy can be really hard- so I was pleased someone knew as they knew why I was so tired and sick.
  5. mollymillions

    mollymillions New commenter

    For me, 25 weeks comes in the middle of the summer holidays so I have to tell them before we break up. As there are already some timetable issues, I'm planning on telling them sooner so my leave can be taken into account.
  6. Totally up to you. I planned to tell Head after the 12 week scan, but as I felt so awful (exhausted/coming into school late, going home early) I told him in the end, so at least he has a little understanding. I was very pleased I did and I think he felt pleased that I told him so early too and I confided in him.
    Like others, I was having appointments, and just found it easier to be open about it. Each to their own though. I told the rest after the 12 week scan... although by then, most people had guessed by then!
  7. Sorry was meant to say, I told him at 8 weeks x
  8. Hi,
    Like others have said, 25 weeks is the latest, but if you have a good relationship with your head, and wish to maintain this, then tell them sooner. In my experience it works in your favour to be honest and they will try to do more to help and support you. Obviously it is totally up to you, but bear in mind that there can be a lot of tell tale signs and people may well start to speculate before you announce anything officially.
    Congratulations and good luck x
  9. Be careful. Don't tell them too soon. I made that mistake and overnight they removed all of my sixth form teaching and replaced it with bottom set Year 10 and 11. They claimed it was "in the best interests of the pupils" - there was no concept of what might have been in my best interests. The sixth formers were really upset - not with me, but with what the Head decided.
    These things shouldn't happen - but they do.
  10. that's illegal maigret - it's sexual discrimination and your union could have fought that for you. i accepted no sixth form this year as i was going to be on maternity leave for most of it, but i continued with all my KS5 classes during my pregnancy.
  11. My advice is to tell them before they guess! I wanted to hold off until 14 weeks as I had had an early scan which was ok but the 'proper' one wasn't until then. However, I caved in and made it official at 12 weeks after the rumours started circulating and it felt wrong to lie to people when I was being asked directly! I am quite small so was showing very early, altho I did my best to hide it.
  12. Where do you stand if given lower setsl/larger groups/ no sixth form/ mainly ks3 when going on maternity? Is this just accepted?
  13. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    Up to you although as others have said by 25 weeks, although chances are they'll have worked it out before then.
    As I'm unlikely to get pregnant without IVF, my head would have to know straight away as she'll know about the IVF and would be wondering about the outcome. I'm OK with this, I trust her.
    If there is any aspect of your job that could pose a risk to your pregnancy e.g. violent pupils, heavy lifting etc you should tell your head straight away. They have a duty of care re: your pregnancy but obviously can't do anything if they don't know.

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