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When to start worrying......

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Milliemoo13, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. Milliemoo13

    Milliemoo13 New commenter


    My Fiance and I are planning to start TTC in the new year so in the summer I came of the contraceptive pill. I have taken microgynon since I was 16 (I'm now 32!) and I started taking it about 2 months after starting my periods so have never really known my own cycle.

    I took my last pill on 24th of July 2015, started my withdrawal bleed on the 27th July 2015 which ended on the 2nd of August 2015 and since then there's been nothing.

    So I guess I'm asking how long do I wait for a natural period? Am I just worrying for nothing? I know I am a worrier!

    Any advice would be gratefully accepted


  2. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    No one here is a doctor? but I would say 6-8 weeks might be time enough for things to be out of your system fully and settle. Though of course, you could be pregnant?
  3. Milliemoo13

    Milliemoo13 New commenter

    I understand and am well aware no one here is a doctor nor was I asking for a diagnosis. Just other people's experiences and advice. If my time scale seems to be abnormal compared to other people's experiences then I will be going to my doctor.

    Thank you for your reply.
  4. milly8627

    milly8627 New commenter

    Hi Milliemoo13

    I had the same situation as you. I was on that pill since a teen and only came off when we started TTC. It took me a while to have a regular cycle (couple of months) and even then it wasn't all that 'regular'......then I feel pregnant! This was about 5 months after I stopped taking the pill.

    So I wouldn't worry and if you don't have a period for a while!

  5. Milliemoo13

    Milliemoo13 New commenter

    Thank you for replying. Its good to hear from others that have been in the situation as this is all new to me and I know in terms of starting a family I'm on the older side of the scale! x
  6. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter


    It takes a few months to settle down into a cycle. I too had been on the pill since 16 years old.

    Try not to worry too much about age, I was 34 when I had my daughter and I'm 37 now I'm pregnant with my son.

    Good luck! Xxx
  7. dogcat

    dogcat New commenter

    I am 31 and have been on my pill since I was 16, I had one break from it in my early 20s and took 7 weeks to have a period. Other than that I have had no breaks. I came off my pill in April as my husband and I are TTC. Withdrawal bleed end of April and since then I had up to 6 weeks before my period my last two periods have been 4 weeks apart so it seems to have settled down. I bought ovulation sticks this month to try and conceive before the new year, not sure if this will work or not!

    I am 5 months of no pill now and my periods seem to have settled to 4 week cycle. I wouldn't worry yet, 6 weeks or so is still early days.
  8. Milliemoo13

    Milliemoo13 New commenter

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with me you have all put my mind at ease and I have started to relax and stop stressing over it so much!

    Thank you again :)

  9. tillyhill

    tillyhill New commenter

    If nothing happens after 4 months go see your gp. They should do a blood test and possibly ultrasound to rule out pcos. I was in the same situation this time last year. Still no change as they found I have a pituitary tumour stopping me ovulating, which being on the pill was masking.
    Don't mean to worry you, just make sure you get checked up after 4 months to save you waiting for too long!
  10. goldentramp85

    goldentramp85 New commenter

    As long as your diet is good etc. This will help. I know someone who has been on the pill for ages, came off it a year ago and still nothing. But I do believe lifestyle factors play an important part. I'm sure you will be fine.

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