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When to start maternity leave

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by mixedupchameleon, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Just wondering what other people's experiences have been like teaching at the end of pregnancy and when you worked until?
    I'm in Reception and have planned to start my maternity leave at 36 weeks but I'm really worried about lasting until then! I've not had any health issues so far but Reception is very physical and full on all the time. I don't really want to go earlier but last term, I was exhausted all the time and it really got me down. Having been off for two weeks, I feel brilliant and can see how much working whilst pregnant is draining me so thinking of going earlier.
    Any experiences would be appreciated.

  2. Hi,
    I'm currently 27 weeks and am planning on leaving for my maternity at 36 weeks too.
    I am a teacher (the only one) in a primary exclusion unit and felt that after that time I would not be able to cope due to the difficult nature of the pupils. It's difficult now and I'm feeling the strain physically and emotionally, I also have a 2 hour commute every day which is getting to me the most!
    With being trained in early years, I can understand you wanting to leave for maternity earlier that 36 weeks due to the nature of your role. If it was me, I would definately consider it, there's only so much you can do and yours and baby's health is much more important than work.
    I know what you mean about the holidays though and realising how much actually teaching takes it out of you. We don't get half term holidays as we are charity run but just not having the pupils in has been like another world to be honest. All this will change on Monday!!!!

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do, look after yourself and delegate more jobs to those working with you![​IMG]
  3. I'm a KS2 teacher and will be starting mine on my due date - 10 days after the end of the Summer Term.
  4. I'm quite lucky in terms of timing as my due date is 7th September, and I am putting that as my start date. I suppose that is like going off at 34 weeks. Last time my dd was 12th October, went off at 37 weeks and really regretted it as LO was 2 weeks late so that was 5 weeks before baby came. I felt great at the end last time with loads of energy and awful at the start so could have done with the 5 weeks off in the 1st trimester! I work in a reception class with children with SLD and behavioural difficulties.
  5. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Hi I work in early years too and made the decision to finish work at 34 weeks. It was a great decision in the end (many people were talking behind my back about why I chose to go so early) but I felt fine up until about 35 - 36 weeks when I got so heavy I could hardly get up and down off a chair or get upstairs - I was extremely heavy!!! Also I got very swollen legs and feet and couldn't get my shoes or trainers on.
    Early years is a very physical job and no matter how much you try not to, you end up carrying things you shouldn't and handling children you shouldn't!!
    I think 36 weeks would be a good time to try to last until, then if you feel not so good in week 34 or 35 you can get signed off sick until maternity leave kicks in at week 36.
    Good luck xxx
  6. I admire all British teaches hugely. I teach in Austria where it is forbidden for pregnent women (regardless of their profession) to work for the last 8 weeks of pregnancy. During the last 8 weeks of pregnancy and the first 8 weeks after the birth you recieve full pay. I am appalled that people would talk behind you back beacuse you 'chose to go so early'. Good on you! A pregnancy is a precious thing and so are pregnant women.
  7. Real shame it's not like this here. My midwife was saying it used to be that women were forced to finish work at 29 weeks for health reasons and that now, many women feel pressurised to carry on for as long as possible to have as much time as they can with the baby and because of financial reasons. Sadly, being pregnant is often seen as an inconvenience to work (I've not experienced this but I know people who have).
    Thanks for responses, still not sure what to do but it's helpful to read other peoples experiences. xx

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