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When to start maternity leave?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by rossrob, May 17, 2011.

  1. Having read some of the postings on here - I am beginning to think I am one of the lucky ones as my first is due in October. I am trying to decide when to work until, so was wondering if anyone could give me any guidance.

    What is norm? Is there one? Don't want to be at work when my waters break so when should I think about leaving?

  2. ooh what date in October? I'm due 25th October and plan on working the first 4-5 weeks of the Autumn term so that I leave when I'm 37 weeks.
  3. I'm due at the beginning of Oct and putting the first day of term in Sept as my start date. X
  4. I posted a very similar question last week as I too am due in October! (1st) I'm still undecided whether to come back for a couple of weeks so as to maximise paid leave after the baby is born or to take it from 5th Sept (start of term.)
    From what I gather, it varies. Some women begin maternity leave about 4 weeks before, where as some keep going up until the due date! I'm temped to put my due date and then I can just work until I can't manage anymore... however, the idea of a summer holiday with no planning is rather appealing!
    H x


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