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When to hand in the resignation?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by iamsnotwhoyouthinkiam, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. iamsnotwhoyouthinkiam

    iamsnotwhoyouthinkiam New commenter

    The "decision" to move from informal to formal capability is coming up, close to the end of term. So given I am fairly certain the decision has been made already should I hand in my resignation now or at the point I am officially told?
  2. Caligraphy

    Caligraphy Occasional commenter

    Have you been dealing with your school via your union? If not I would suggest that the first thing you do tomorrow morning is to contact your REGIONAL representative and involve them. Good luck.
  3. menhir

    menhir New commenter

  4. menhir

    menhir New commenter

    I am in the same boat you are not alone - don't be pushed into resigning start looking for a new job and go when you are ready. Have you contacted your union for advice?
  5. iamsnotwhoyouthinkiam

    iamsnotwhoyouthinkiam New commenter

    I am not going to look for another full time teaching job nor am I likely to get one for a number of reasons. Resigning doesn't hold much fear for me. Local union useless so will be following calligraphy's advice.
  6. Caligraphy

    Caligraphy Occasional commenter

    Good. I went straight to the region. It's what we pay our substantial subs for, isn't it.
  7. grussell1

    grussell1 New commenter

    I don't agree at all. I was put on informal capability in February (well they called it a 'support plan') and so the first thing I did was call the union and they said get out NOW. So I left, it was the best decision I have ever made and I found a job in a school that appreciates me. Yes I was a bit skint for a while but it was well worth it for my career. Support plans turn to informal capability, informal turns to formal and formal leads to dismissal. If a school puts you in informal they are very unlikely to support you out of it, I have never heard a success story. The school wants you out.

    I know this sounds harsh but do the right thing for yourself and salvage your career before it's too late.
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  8. symbal

    symbal New commenter

    I agree. I am about to start formal capability from a support plan which turned out to be three weeks of bullying and gathering any negative information they could about me. It certainly wasn't supportive. I had been told earlier in the year I was too old and too expensive. I involved the union lovely but useless! Put up and shut or get out has been the message! I have resigned. I believe I will still be doing capability but I am past caring. I am the oldest teacher in my school all the other u.p.s have 'disappeared or left'. Good luck!
  9. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    Oh dear!

    What a thread of unhappy stories . . . But i would still advise people to talk to their Regional Union officers, to help with getting a reference and a proper leaving date.

    Settlement Agreements

    Best wishes

  10. Caligraphy

    Caligraphy Occasional commenter

    I am so sorry to hear about another colleague who is going through this. was it your local or regional union representative that was involved?
  11. maud1901

    maud1901 New commenter

    I never had mention of any form of 'support plan' and have been put straight on to informal capability. Should the support plan have come first by 'law'. Think academy not LEA.

    My Union local rep is also useless. When I emailed the Union to ask who the Regional rep was I was told that they cannot say and to go through my regional rep. I will start another thread but can we change Union - especially when in my position re. capability?
  12. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Informal capability and a support plan are the same thing.

    You can change union, but your new one won't be able to help with existing issues.
    Go to the website of your union and find a contact number, go that way to the regional rep.

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