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When to hand in maternity notice

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by sparklin_ash, May 22, 2011.

  1. Dear Theo,
    I am 11 weeks pregnant at the moment, I'm aware that i need to hand in my maternity leave notice latest by the 15th week prior to my expected due date.
    This means it would be around the summer holidays. But I intend to hand in my letter during the last few weeks before we break for Summer holidays by the end of July.
    I wouldnt have decided to leave it this late if I had better relations with my head. Unfortunately my head is a bully and i'v had several occassions of being bullied by her in the past and constantly nit picked.
    My closest colleuges who are aware of my pregnancy have adviced me to leave it untill the end when i find out the class allocated to me for next year. They fear she might assign me to do a supply cover or non teaching based jobs within the school for the last few months before i leave on maternity.
    She is very spiteful with her staff and dictates and bullies everyone around specially the vulnerable ones, taking undue advantage of their situations.
    Please advice if I'm doing the right thing professionally, personally and legally.
    Thank You
  2. legally you can hand in your notice over the summer holidays to one of the secretaries - at least this is what i was told. instead i handed in my notice the last day of term (at 20 weeks) with a letter stating my intended start date of maternity leave and stating that i would forward on my MATB1 form after my 25 week midwife appointment.
    i then sent in another letter, restating my maternity leave start date and attaching the MATB1 form at 25 weeks (mid-August). within a week (still in august) i had a reply from my head confirming receipt and wishing me the best with my pregnancy.

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