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when to come off the pill?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by rll84, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Hello this is my first post on here!!
    Me and my hubby have decided to start trying in september this year, still a while to go but im still excited! I have been on the pill for over 10 years. Is it best to come off now and use other protection? as im guessing it will take a while for my cycle to regulate itself? Or does it make no difference if I come off when we start trying?
    Hope that makes sense?

  2. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I think it really depends. I came off the pill at the end of August 2008, had the week's withdrawal bleed, and got pregnant the week after. I was pretty shocked!
    With my 2nd baby (i'm 25 weeks pregnant at the mo) I stopped taking the pill at the end of May, had 2 periods, and then got pregnant the month after.
    The first time i'd been taking the pill 8 or so years, the second time i'd been taking it about 8 months.
    I think it's all really random. I'd say be prepared for it to take a while but be equally prepared for it to happen immediately! I read that you can be really fertile after taking the pill for so many years. I was on cilest.
  3. Hi I'm not an expert so can only share my experience. Came off the mid jan last year, had one period and then fell. My daughter will be 10wks tomorrow. I know I fell quickly but if I had not of I don't think it would have been because of the pill. After all if you can get pregnant if you forget one then it can't mess you up that much.
    If I were you I'd wait but thats because I find other protection a pain. Hope you are as lucky as me and fall quickly but if not there are some amazing and supportive ladies over in the trying to conceive thread and in the meantime there is a 'getting ready to ttc' thread.
    Best wishes
    Elasti x

  4. dilly_84

    dilly_84 New commenter

    I stopped the pill a few months ago as I was told "it would be very difficult for me to conceive." We weren't considering having kids for another year or so but I thought this would be a good time for me to stop the pill, and see just how irregular my cycles were going to be, or if could actually have periods at all. Luckily periods returned straight away and my cycle was anything between 32 and 43 days. After a few months OH and I forgot to use protection....once...I am now 15 weeks pregnant.
    There was meant to be a point to my story but can't think what it was. So I hope it was helpful [​IMG]
  5. Hi, I agree with Elasti, come and have a look on TTC. There are alot of us over there at the minute, all at different stages of TTC which means there is always someone who has been there or has some adivce. There is even a preparing the TTC thread somewhere. You might just need to look back a few pages.
    For me, I came off the pill (microgynon) at the end of November and had been on it for jsut over 10 years. I had my usual post pill packet bleed. I decided to chart my temps just to get an idea of what my body was doing. Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky ones who have no problems coming off the pill.
    After that 1st bleed my cycle lasted 49 days. I had all sorts of symptoms from feeling dizzy and sick to stomach cramps and bloating for nearly 3 weeks. I took at least 3 tests (luckily I had some internet cheapies to waste) which all came back negative. By charting my temps, I also realised that when AF did eventually come, it showed that I hadn't actually ovulated.
    I am now on CD 5 of my 2nd cycle. Back in November, I thought that I would either be pregnant by now or at least be coming to the end of cycle 2. I am still going to chart my temps because I want to be able to see if I am finally getting back to normal. I think that I will seriously consider ever going back on the pill again.
    But the decision is yours. You could take the risk and hope that you catch early after coming off the pill or prepare your body now. If you look at the beginning of TTC thread, there were quite a few ladies back then who did catch in only a matter of months. Unfortunately, one or two of the early ladies are still there and are now looking at alternative methods of TTC. This does not mean that the pill caused this. I think that everbody is different and our bodies deal with things in different ways.
    Sorry for the long post, and good luck.
  6. Hello,
    Just to say to the OP that we're planning to try in September too[​IMG]
    I have already stopped the pill though (did so at the end of November) and we're using condoms which isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I stopped so early because we originally wanted to try from April onwards. Then we decided to go on a couple of weeks' treking holiday to Iceland, which will have to be in the summer.
    Now we're set on September, which gives me time to do a few things for myself before our lives change forever. It's a great feeling, and I have a few trips planned for instance.
    I'll be 34 in March so we don't want to leave it too long either.
  7. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Hmm... my suggestion would be either to come off now and use other protection until September, thus giving your body and cycles time to regulate. OR, wait until you're ready to ttc and come off and start ttc immediately. There is a train of thought that believes if you've been on the pill a while you are most fertile when you first come off it; the Zita West book I have says some fertility centres actually put women ON the pill for a few months to get this effect when they come back off. I did not do either of these things and I am not pg and have not been pg. But don't read anything into that and make up your own mind! [​IMG] Happy practising!
  8. I came off in July and started ttc in October. I think I would go with coming off it sooner rather than later so that you can get used to what your body does each month when you're not on the pill. I got all excited in the early months when I had tummy pains just after ovulating (thinking it was implantation) and also sore boobs (which I didn't get on the pill) but now that I've been trying for a few months I have learnt that these are actually just my usual pre-AF symptoms and I shouldn't have got so excited! I also now know roughly how long my cycle usually lasts so don't bother testing until I'm due or late now.
    If you've been off the pill for a while by the time you start TTC at least you will know how long your cycle is (and therefore know when you're 'late') and also what symptoms you get in a natural cycle without being pg.
    I have a Zita West book too and she does suggest that people are VERY fertile immediately after coming off the pill. Everyone's different I suppose!! Depends if you have an aversion to other forms of contraception - personally I didn't mind using condoms while we were waiting to start TTC.
    Good luck! Make the most of the time you're not TTC and enjoy doing all of the things you won't be able to when you're TTCing. (e.g. planning holidays, boozing, having sex when you want to not when you NEED to! lol!)
  9. After about 11 years on pill I came off the pill Dec 2009 and surprisingly period went back to normal and had regular 28 - 32 day cycles. I was not too fussed how quickly I got pregnant but came off it just in case it did take too long or to see if I could get pregnant in the first place. Being 31, didn't want to leave it too long and would have wanted to find out any problems quite earlyish on.
    Luckily conceived Nov 2010 (so took about 11 months) I'm very pleased I went off pill early now.
    Although I need to get through this little lovely challenge, I am wondering about what i'll do after baby is born. Would I go back on pill and run the risk of 'disrupting' cycle again??? Or use condoms until i'm ready for the next one (ideally not too long after).
    I would come off pill now if I were you, as my personal opinion. Not sure if i'm helping, but I guess the more stories you hear, the more it can help you to form your decision.
  10. THanks everyone for the replies, and for the abbreviation list makes things easier! It would seem that different people have had different experiences!! There is so much to consider! I will have to have a think and think about what I think we be best for me! I still have 8 months to wait!!
  11. Come off the pill now and then don't have sex for 8 months, decision made ha ha!! [​IMG]
  12. Hi,
    I came off the pill in December. Planning to TTC when I get the letter saying I've been made permanent, had a reminder letter the other week so thought it best if we wait. The decision was easy for me as lately my body has been having difficulty coping with the pill (depression, moodswings no libido, sorry if TMI). Have been much better since and at least I know my body has chance to recover before we try.
    I bought a persona fertility monitor to tell us when we need to take precautions with the thought that I will know my cycles much better and that we can use it in reverse when the time is right with the hope of becoming pg sooner.
    They aren't cheap £50-70 depending on where you buy them from, and you do have to buy test sticks. Not good for some but if you want to come off and would use ov sticks when TTC is is an option.
    Good luck xx

  13. I originally went on the pill due to very heavy painful periods. After about 5 yrs I stopped to give my body a rest. My periods returned immediately back to normal (microgynon). When I got together with my OH I went on cilest. Was on it for a little over 3 yrs and came off in April thinking my periods would immediately go back to normal and I would conceive straight away - ha! My periods were different to before, although they seemed to be regular. After 10 months, only now have I had what I believe is a true period. The pill can do all sorts of things to our bodies. If I knew then what I know now I would've come off earlier and used another form of contraception until I was ready to ttc.

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