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When parents complain.

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by valiantkate, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    As a parent, I would like tocomplain about the lack of communication from this teacher. I never know what's going on or what I need my child to bring in for the next day. Some letters would be nice. If they make up a word, even better!
  2. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

    How old is your child? Can s/he take some responsibility for what is needed to be packed? My daughter is 8, and tells me when she needs her PE/swimming kit etc... have you asked the teacher concerned for a timetable? This would help you plan what is needed in advance. Not sure what you mean by your last statement..
  3. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit Occasional commenter

    Folly, that wooshing sound you just heard was a piece of comedy genius from Greta flying right over your head
  4. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

    Don't I feel a big wally now!! Doh!!!! xx
  5. Woops must have been a bad day! Sorry.
    Just been through the mill tonight with the HT about parental complaints, I feel so very hurt and vulnerable.
    Been in contact with the NUT, dont know what to think anymore, I'm even too paranoid to write freely here as I am sure that it will be 'seen' .
    Just wanted to apologise for not pressing 'post' Dohhh indeed. Val
  6. As the song goes " when you say nothing at all...." ha ha, forgot to post message

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