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When is the right time for No 2?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by happy83, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. hi all, odd question I know. My LO is 2 and my husband doesnt want him to be an only child as he thinks there should be somebody for LO when we are older....maybe not around etc. So my question.... when is the right time for baby number 2? I am very serious about my job, but I also think that getting baby 2 now wold be beneficial for both family and career (ie the children would benefit!). So I would be really grateful for advice etc :) Thanks
  2. I don't think there is a 'right' time. You have to make the decision that it is the right time for your career wise and family wise.
    We aren't going to have number two until LO is 4, (she's 2 this year) purely because we can't afford it with the nursery fees, so will have to wait until shes going to primary school. And we want to enjoy her younger years. I will get to spend time with the new baby while she's as school, if we can plan it that way that is!
  3. There isn't a right time! It depends so much on your circumstances. We're expecting number 2 in Sept when number 1 will be 20 months. There are very definite pros and cons of both a long and a short age gap, it's just up to you to decide what works best for your family. I personally wanted them close together, some, like Tilly, don't!
  4. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    My 2nd is due at the end of April when my son will be 22.5 months old. Like Clematis, I wanted them close together, and also i'm 33 now so I didn't want to wait too long.
    I'm having a year off work so by the time I go back my son will be nearly 3 and entitled to 15 hours free childcare, and I only work 0.5, so the childcare won't actually be a lot extra.
  5. I, like Tilly, will wait til we can afford a second one. Also, having been one of 5 kids, I really want to enjoy each of my children before another comes along- I know siblings are both fab and annoying from experience. My ideal age gap is 3- 3.5 years, but it is so personal! I can't see me stopping at 2 so I have to space them for financial reasons- number 1 at 28, number 2 at 31, number 3 at 34- that's feasible, isn't it?! LO is only 12 weeks so lots of time!
  6. Def wait until you can afford it but don't wait too long! You never know what life has in store. I have a 17 month gap between my two (now 4 and 2) and was able to take a full year's leave the 2nd time which was great. Closer together was better for us, and although exhausting having two toddlers in nappies at the same time, I wouldn't have done it any differently. All the best!!
  7. I'm with Tilly and ladybug - but agree its a completely personal choice. Someone I met a few weeks ago was trying for her 2nd and her LO was only 4 weeks old! I am one of 5, with 5,4,3,2 years between us!
    I would like this one to be at least 3 before we consider another - we have sooo much to do before - must, must, must move house - we were supposed to do it last year and then found out I was pregnant - decided financially it was safer to stay put.
    Good luck

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