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When is the best time to get pregnant

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by scittstudent, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Hi all, i am thinking about pregnancy and having a baby and want to find out when is the best time for pregnancy just making sure i get all the help and support i can get, some say " due date in september is the best"
    what do you suggest?
  2. Well a due date in Sept works well from the materity leave and holidays point of view. If you are due in September then you can have the holidays on normal pay and not start your maternity leave until Sept leaving you with lots of relaxing time before baby is born without eating into too much of your maternity leave. Also means you could take the whole school year off and go back just before the summer hols ready to get paid for 6 weeks of not being at work again.
    However you would have to be really lucky to guarantee being due in Sept so just go for it and it will happen when it happens.
  3. I suppose there is a financial benefit to a September birth as you can take full advantage of the summer holiday and will start maternity leave in September, however it rarely happens like that, you realy cannont bank on falling pregnant within a certain time scale, you could start trying in January with a hope of falling pregnant but it could take months, in some cases years. For me it doesnt matter, I was hoping to have a January baby to take advantage of the christmas holiday but mine is due in the middle of the Feb half term, but I think I will still leave at Christmas.
    Good luck with your decision, join us on the Tyring to Concieve board if you go for it, there is lots of help and support on there whenever you try.
  4. Hi all thank you with the comments
  5. As the others said, the 'ideal' time would be a Sept or early Oct baby (so conceiving in Dec/Jan) - works well for schools too as the kids have a new teacher from the start of the school year.
    Probably the worst time, is to have a baby due late July / early August - it's a bit gutting to work a whole year and not get any summer holiday pay (although the later in August, the more holiday pay you get - mat leave can start no later than the day before your due date, or the actual birth date if the baby arrives early).
    So, don't aim to conceive in November!!!
    I have an April-born son, a July-born daughter and this one due early Oct. This one is nicely timed for work (mat leave start on 3rd sept, but i finish work on 17th July - just about 29 weeks pregnant), but will mean cold and dark nights for feeding.
    It's always worth trying to target an ideal month, but it's all down to luck in the end.
  6. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    Best time? Around the time of your ovulation [​IMG]
  7. Beginning of sept- my due date is 31st August which is perfect for maternity pay. But then this baby wasn't planned.
    I do know a few people who have planned it for beginning of sept and succeeded!
    On the other hand I am heavily pregnant at the hottest time of year, when I can't take anything for my hayfever. Swings and roundabouts, me thinks
  8. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    Definately agree! We planned for a September due date but things took longer and i've only just fallen pregnant - due date February. It swings the other way for me, as I can come back from maternity leave at the end of the summer term, just in time to go on holiday for 6 weeks - back on full pay!!
    when you finally fall pregnant you won't care what your due date is [​IMG]
  9. Agree about swings and roundabouts. I am due early August but when I go back 6 of my 13 weeks that I have to have under my belt for maternity pay will be in the holidays.
  10. We planned for September and were successful and I would plan that again - if I'm lucky enough to conceive straight away again.
    While there are lots of people who don'r conceive when they want to, there are also lucky people who can and there's nothing wrong with trying for it, as long as you are ready for the disappointment if it doesn't work.
    As well as the things everyone else has said about a September baby from a financial point of view I think the best thing for me is that I won't be at school heavily pregnant - as I work in a boarding school I'll be done next week at 27 weeks, and even if I was still in a state school I'd be done by 31 weeks. One of my colleagues is still struggling on at 35 weeks in order to take advantage of 4 weeks before maternity pay kicks in due to our early finish - she could really do to be at home resting right now, and that is how it could be for me if I was due a lot earlier.
    I have to say, even if I was due in late October or early November instead of late September I'd still start my maternity leave from the first day of the new term, seeing how she's struggled and knowing how stressful the Christmas term can be with all the new classes, and how tiring it can be with the dark nights. I am lucky that my husband's job and salary means that I can take 2 and 1/2 terms off though, which I know not everyone can.
    Hope people don't think I'm insensitve posting this, I know how badly some people try to get pregnant and aren't successful and would be glad to be pregnant at all, never mind planning it.
    Good luck, I hope it does work out for you scittstudent. I suggest that you start taking your basal body temperature (or ovulation sticks if you prefer that) now, so that you know your body and can work out when you will be fertile in Dec/Jan if you decide to start trying then for September, I'm sure that helped us.
  11. PurpleSapphire

    PurpleSapphire New commenter

    We planned for September too, am due 4th Sept. [​IMG]
    We decided to ttc in September so I came off the pill but we didn't start properly until December (we used protection). Conceived 10th-12th December so here we are [​IMG]
    I'm quite pleased and everyone tells me its the best time for a teacher to have a baby, even the deputy head told me that! She said that cos year 11 have left when I'm in my last trimester and at my biggest there is less to worry about with congestion in the corridors.

    Only problem will be getting through a hot summer! [​IMG]
  12. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    I may sound horrible but just be grateful if you can get pregnant and have a healthy baby. If you have a job to go back to as well, then you're laughing.
    As one poster pointed out some people (and I'm one) struggle to conceive at all.
    On supply now so if I do concieve there's no maternity leave or pay - I either go straight back to work or pack in completely and struggle on one income.
  13. YOY


    Becky, maternity leave is a legal entitlement regardless of whether your employment is perm or temp. If you were not entitled to maternity pay through your employer (and temp/supply agencies can pay maternity leave) but had worked/earned enough over the relevant time to qualify then you would be entitled to Maternity allowance - same money as SMP but paid via a different mechanism.
    OP - I have one autumn and one summer baby. Autumn is financially astute if you work in schools - but with my July baby I worked til a week before due date, gave birth 10 days later, took a full year's leave and went back to school a couple of weeks before the summer holidays. Yes, I had less money, but I managed to get to within a couple of weeks of his 1st birthday before I went back to work and then was promptly off on holiday again about 10 minutes later, which was great. I managed to sort out 'friends and family' childcare for those 2 weeks, so didn't start proper nursery bills til the September. And summer is a lovely time to have a small person. It also meant that his big brother got to spend the summer holidays with him, and I didn't have to tackle the school run from day one. The best time? Whenever it actually happens - you make the best of whenever that is :)
  14. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    Thanks, YOY, that's useful to know. I work directly for schools, as it happens, but guess would get SMP or MA should I be lucky enough to need it. Not sure where I would stand with returning to work - just hope the school I go to the most would have me back, they seem to like me! Good luck to everyone with their baby plans!
  15. DS was a February baby and DD was born last month, so a June baby. So far, I've much preferred having a summer baby as it's been easier to drag myself out of bed for early morning feeds when it's light outside. Also, I've been able to get out and about lots- to park, for walks, etc. Was much more difficult with a winter baby and the snowy/icy conditions. Everyone aims for a September baby but I really wouldn't want to be heavily pregnant in the summer heat!!
  16. We were aiming for an August/September baby to coincide with holidays etc. As it is I'm due in January. You really can't guarantee anything so I suggest just get on with it! ;-)
  17. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Here here! In an ideal world we'd plan our conception month and therefore probably the month and season of baby's birth. In an ideal world there wouldn't be people starving in the world. Nor would people suffer abuse. There'd be cures (or better still, 'preventions') for horrible fatal illnesses and there would be no wars. Need I go on? Oh for an ideal world...

    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one...

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