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When does maternity leave usually start?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Tigsy, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Short version. - Baby due around 6th July all being well. Term ends 27th June.
    Is it possible to be at work till then? I'm directing the school production mid-june, I need to be there!
    any advice, appreciated.

    Tigs x
  2. If just make sure you're not indispensible - have a back up. It is not unlikely you'll struggle by that point and you really don't want to start life as mother of a newborn exhausted (trust me!). Besides, 37 weeks is full term and it's common for babies to decide to come before they are officially 'due'.
    All kinds of things could mean you can't be there - pelvic pain, illness, exhaustion, complications, early labour, etc etc.... so as you are planning the show now, plan in people who know what to do in your absence.
    My mum carried on working with me, went for a check up, they said my movements had slowed and she was induced that day (about 39 weeks I think) so it is possible to work late - but you cannot be sure of it and it's completely impossible to predict.
    Any pregnancy related absence in last 4 weeks (I think) can trigger ML to start.
  3. I agree with beach hut I think you should aim to stay as long as you can but have contingency plans in place.
    I was so so sure I would work up until 37 weeks (oct half term) but I simply couldn't do it! You just can't control pregnancy related complications it's out of our hands and if the dr says your simply not fit to work then your employer has to act!
    From a personal point of view -I have to admit I was really dreading being off too long and being bored but I have truly LOVED every second of I. I know this is time I will never have again and my OH and I have cherished it as he has his own business and can adapt his working week so we can spend time together. If I'd waited until 38 weeks to finish work there is no way I'd be this chilled and rested before the big day. Oh and it's right- any preg related illness after 36 weeks triggers ML.
    Good luck and I bet the performance will be fab xxx
    Julesk 37+5
  4. I'm with Jules on this. I originally planned to work until 38 weeks but consultant told me to stop at 36. I didn't even make that and was signed off at 35 weeks (techinically finished at 34 as it was half term). I'm pleased I will have a couple of weeeks now with OH as we have things planned and I'm looking forward to nesting. I think I would have regretted working so late if I had managed 38 weeks.

  5. many thanks for your replies. Appreciated. There might be someone I can rely on but I really want to do this as my contract ends on the 28th june and i'd like to go out on a bang, so to speak.
    My husband has joked i'll steal the limelight by going into labour on the opening night.......
    everything u have said makes sense to me, but it would break my heart if I cant see this production come to fruition. It was one of my interview questions as well asking me if I'd produce the show, ha!
    ok, see what happens..... thanks for your replies x
  6. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

    Very unusual! Are you covering maternity leave for someone else?
    Have you enough continuous service in previous school to be entitled to maternity pay or will you not be receiving any as your contract ends 28 June? if you are not entitled, you are entitled to Maternity Allowance from the government - just in case you need a link: http://www.dwp.gov.uk/advisers/claimforms/ma1_print.pdf
  7. ive been on supply in the region for the last 2 years and its a fixed term contract till the 28th as school term ends on the 27th june. (scotland) i havent even thought about maternity pay!
  8. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

    Ask them! xx

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