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when do you finish for christmas?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by mumbobumbo, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. mumbobumbo

    mumbobumbo New commenter

    Ugh that's late!
    We finish tomorrow, normal time. We have to de-Christmas first though so we may have a late finish :0(
  2. The children are in as normal tomorrow although the head has told parents they can collect from 2.30 on account of the snow. We did the same today and most didn't collect till normal time so I don't think it will make much difference.

    On Wednesday we were supposed to have an INSET day but again because of snow the head has said to work from home that day :) I keep telling myself I WILL use it for work, but I'm so shattered (and think I'm coming down with something) I may well just end up sleeping, and then be annoyed with myself when it's hanging over my head all holiday. It'll get done though, which is the main thing - 30 learning journeys to update, and cross reference to development matters grids, then fill in the e-profile for Autumn term. Merry Christmas [​IMG]
  3. Last Friday at 1:00 [​IMG]
    I do feel for people who have so much work to do over the holidays. This is the first year (in ten years of teaching) that I'm not going into work. I'm just not doing it! Will have a very busy INSET day first day back though.
  4. I think I was feeling a bit overwhelmed when I wrote my last post! I've done a few hours today as it's meant to be a work from home day (I did have a very long lie in due to taking night nurse last night - always manage to get a stinking cold right in time for Christmas!) and I'll spend a day after New Year is out of the way getting things done, but if some of it doesn't get done then it doesn't, I doubt it will make any real difference to the children if I haven't ticked and cross referenced every last box, it's only my manager that seems to matter to!

    I'll have to do some planning, but I've no topic or theme set as we go from children's interests, and all they've been interested in in the run up to the holidays is, obviously, Christmas. So we'll talk about holiday news and maybe think a bit about New Year, (I like to do New Year promises) but I'll wait and see what they are showing interest in in the first week back before setting a topic.
  5. Western Australia; last Thursday, then back for staff lunch on Friday.
    Back to work Feb 1 ....... summer hols here I come.
    Merry Xmas all!


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