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When do you ask?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by davidbowiefan, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. davidbowiefan

    davidbowiefan Established commenter

    I have an interview next week for a post in the Middle East. The salary range was given in the job ad but so far there has been no information about accommodation, healthcare and so on. At what stage would you expect to be given this information and is it acceptable to ask during the interview itself?
  2. bchuckle

    bchuckle New commenter

    There's no harm in asking, but most places will tell you that the package will be discussed with the successful candidate. This allows them to tailor something to the person they want, rather than being straightjacketed. If they have a cheap option and an expensive option and both are as good as each other, it makes sense to go to the cheap option - no point in revealing your hand before. On the other hadn, if they really want a particular person, they can sweeten the deal to make sure it gets done
  3. mikemcdonald25

    mikemcdonald25 Occasional commenter

    In the past (sorry boring old fart alert!) details of the package were up front and normally sent/given prior to interview or even publicised up front on websites. In addition, bchuckle, schools were keen to publish or advertise their pay scales with differentiation for qualifications or experience in the spirit of openness and transparency so that everyone knew who was getting what and why. The last thing, I would hope, that a 'good' school wants is the tension that is caused by everyone going to the Head/Principal and doing their own little deal for more money a better house etc etc

    In these more secretive and subject shortage days the fashion seems to be to put 'competitive package' on the website/information and then do deals from that point onward.

    If you have been shortlisted and are up for interview then I would say at the end of the interview when the interviewer says; 'thank you davidbowiefan, now do you have any questions you would like to ask me?'

    This of course is a personal opinion based on my own personal experience and in no way reflects the policy and practice of any particular institution
  4. rouxx

    rouxx Lead commenter

    I do wish they were more upfront about it - at least give you a range and indications of the extra benefits.

    Last time I was looking I had to pull out of a job after interview and at job offer stage because the package was (in my view) ludicrously low for the location and all they told me before interview was the salary was good. A significant amount of time and effort wasted on both sides.

    Quite happy to leave discussion of final details until after I know if I have been successful as long as I know beforehand if we are likely to come to some sort of agreement.
    melmmow likes this.
  5. bchuckle

    bchuckle New commenter

    I did pop the package question at the end of a recent interview and was politely told that it would be divulged on appointment. I called them the next day and withdrew, so I'll never know...

    Schools play games. It's just the way it is. It doesn't make sense, but when could you ever reasonably expect someone in a school to make sense, eh?
  6. davidbowiefan

    davidbowiefan Established commenter

    The invitation to interview states that they will do it via Skype if candidates are unable to meet them face-to-face. Am I right in thinking they are probably looking for a local hire?
  7. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    I don't think that's necessarily the case. I would actually guess the opposite: they are hoping that the pool of entrants will be cast wider than local hire, and have made the appropriate provision for interviewing candidates not currently in the country. I'd assume that, if they were looking for local hire, they would insist that interviews were face-to-face, thereby putting off anyone who couldn't easily travel to meet them.
  8. davidbowiefan

    davidbowiefan Established commenter

    Thank you, that's reassuring.
  9. DarthVader1234

    DarthVader1234 New commenter

    I think its ridiculous that salary ranges are not posted with job adverts (in the majority of cases). People need to be able to work out if they can afford to take a post. It also wastes candidates/recruiters time and effort. In the past I have had some very low offers of around USD1000-USD1200 and told that the cost of living is very cheap in various locations. Rejected said offers promptly as I had travelled to these places and they were actually more expensive places to live than the UK. When recruiters finally do offer a job I am always very sceptical if they cannot provide a transparent salary scale.
  10. davidbowiefan

    davidbowiefan Established commenter

    As I stated in the OP, the salary range was posted and I'm happy with it. It's the rest of the package that is missing.

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