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When do most jobs come out- around Easter or leading up to May 31st deadline?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by MrsBauer, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I've only ever had one job before and I'm looking for one to start sept 2011. Should I be applying like mad for the ones that are around, or am I safe to wait a little while longer for the right thing?
    I don't want to go for something now which isn't right and find that more have come out, but I can't afford to not have a job!! Any advice from people in the know?
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Depends on whether or not you will still have a job next Sept. Whether you're happy at your present school. . . . . .
    If your present post ends in July, if it were me & I couldn't afford to be without a permanent post, then yes I would apply for all jobs available at present.
    If however, you just want to move on for more experience, posts with greater rsponsiblity etc then you might be able to afford to wait for the 'right post'.
    According to Theo & the TES posts, fewer posts are being advertised this year,so you might need to get in quick. On the other hand people might have time to think over the holidays, or got promotion before Easter and there may be a flurry of advertisements before the May deadline.
  3. In my area there are a lot more posts than last year but not a massive amount. A lot of people I trained with last year waited and did not apply for the first batch that came out between Easter and may thinking there would be loads more after May half term and there weren't and as a result many have been doing supply all year and are still looking to complete their NQT inductions. I would imagine many schools will be getting interviews done prior to the whitsun break because if they want teachers already in post they have to give notice then and although some schools say NQTs welcome to apply along with experienced teachers, NQTs a year in, still on M2 are still cheap but have the beneft of not needing a mentor or the extra 10% NQT time.
    Personally I would apply now as the best schools will be advertising now. I would imagine there will be some temporary posts after may half term (mat covers and fixed term contracts) that could be aimed at NQTs but after last year this is by no means a given.
  4. Also meant to say, I don't think people looking for a job can actually afford to be too choosy and wait for the right school in the present climate because you can only apply for what is on offer. I am not keen on my current school which is why I am applying for other posts, but I also know if I don;t get a job by May, staying in my current school for a year would be better than a year unemployed a spent on supply with no assured income, even though know I will probably hate and resent every minute of it - the luxury of waiting for 'the right post' just doesn't exist (sadly).
  5. erm...the short answer as far as im concerned is yes..you should be applying.
    Ive been applying (for sept) for over a month now, theres so few jobs around atm i think if you need work, you want to work for a good school or you are very area specific, then the sooner you start appying the better your chances. As Theo keeps saying there are almost a 3rd less jobs this year than previously, and last year there weren't many jobs around after the May resignation date.
    Maybe im panicing, because im tied to the May date...but thats my 2p worth.
  6. Nah, don't bother applying. In fact, no-one on here should apply for any jobs.

    Means I might have a better chance of getting one first! :p
  7. Thanks for your advice everyone. I am really happy in my school but I have to leave as I'm relocating. Think that makes it harder and makes me pickier...

    Guess theres no easy answer. There could be more jobs as there's technically enough time, but if there are fewer jobs this yr anyway, this may mean the majority will have been and gone by may.
  8. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter


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