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When did you tell your headteacher that you were expecting?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by cath1980, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. I know legally it is 15 weeks before your baby is due but was wondering when other people had/were planning to inform head teacher? How late has anyone left it? I am almost 19wks x
  2. chocolateheaven

    chocolateheaven New commenter

    I disclosed very early - I was only 6 weeks pregnant. However, I'm diabetic and had to attend an antenatal clinic once a fortnight, and I have a long commute to work so attending at the hospital meant I needed a full day off work for the appt. It was on a day when I had double yr11, so I felt it important to explain why I had so much time off, and to make sure that I always got it without problem. However, I probably would have disclosed at around 12 weeks anyway, as they needed to make arrangements for mat cover from Sept, and I wanted to give them sufficient warning to find someone.
  3. Checha

    Checha New commenter

    HIya! I was about 3 or 4 months after my first scan- I wasnt showing as i stayed covered up- but as i didnt want the whole school knowing yet- i asked him to keep it on the hush and he agreed until i was ready. There will be a risk assessment involved which is important- so tell the head when your ready- its best coming from you then the staff gossip! Good luck!
  4. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    Think I was about 14 wks as I had my 12 wk scan late.
  5. I would say tell Ht (even if no-one else) as soon as possible. You then have legal rights.

    If anything did happen and you m/c at least your HT would know and hopefully be supportive.
  6. rebel75

    rebel75 New commenter

    I told my HT and DH at 5 weeks because I was already feeling a bit ropey and they are both very trustworthy and I knew I could rely on them not to leak the info to other staff.

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