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When did you put lo in own room? reposted from pregnancy forum

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by lce, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. lce


    Hi all,
    My lo is 12 weeks and is still in our bedroom. I don't know how I will feel when she is in her own room, but I know she will have to go in a few weeks. The Moses basket is still ok for now but she has recently had a growth spurt and is getting really long so it won't be ok for much longer, and theres no way on earth that our cot is going to fit in our bedroom.
    So, just wanted to ask when you moved your lo into their own room, and was it as traumatic as I think its going to be (on me, not her :) )
  2. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    We put our son in his own room at 6 months. He had a crib, and then went into the cot just before 4 months, but luckily we have a massive bedroom so there was plenty of room for it. I think my husband would've kept him in our room for longer, but I was waking up whenever he made a little noise (my son, not my husband lol) and then when we were moving in our sleep, we were waking him up. I was sad when he was in his own room, but we all slept better for it!
  3. j_pink

    j_pink New commenter

    4 weeks old and he was sleeping better for it. Settled into a bedtime routine from 8 weeks and now he is 11 weeks old I feed him at 1am and 5am then switch off the monitor. He's right next door so I can hear everything. He loves his cot and giggles when I approach him!
  4. I put my LO in his cot in his own room at 13 weeks. He's a big baby, very long so Moses basket didn't last long. Tried a crib next but his arms fell out the sides and he kept banging them in his sleep (he's quite fidgety). We didn't have room for the cot in our room, so he had to go into his own room, but he seems to sleep a lot better now he has more room. And I can read before going to sleep again!
  5. Hi Ice
    Have just copied and pasted my response to this question in 'Autumn babies 2010/11' in Pregnancy forum :)
    At 2wks and 6days OH put LO into her nursery. I had gone to bed at
    8.30pm coz was an emotional wreck and OH did 10pm feed. She basically
    cried from 8.30pm til 02.00am!! OH checked nappy, fed her, soothed her
    etc etc and decided that if she came into our room, she wouls disturb me
    from recovering so he put her into the nursery. I was a bit put out and
    felt it was too soon. I also made two very deliberate (to OH) checks
    that she was ok and she was absolutely fine. She has been in there ever
    since. A few weekends agi I had been sleeping on a
    mattress in the nursery as OH had norovirus and she reminded me what a
    funny, active sleeper she is; lots of grunting, wriggling and gurgles.
    OH swears she's gonna be a snorer like me when she's older - oh dear.

    I don't think it's going to be long before she'll have to move into her cot either and that definitely won't fit in our room. She's 10 wks tomorrow. I do think that if OH hadn't made the decision, I would have probably kept putting the move off so glad that the decision was made for me! We have the monitor on and leave our bedroom door open so can always hear if any problems.
    Good luck x
  6. Just put our little lad into his own room and he is now 5 months and 3 weeks. Just about nudging the edge of his Moses basket so the time was right.
  7. We're planning to do it in the next couple of weeks, when LO will be 8 months. We are lucky though, in that our bedroom is huge so has fitted the cot and rocking chair easily. If we didn't have the room, then I wouldn't have worried about moving him earlier.
  8. I know this goes against advice (don't shoot me down!), but we put our daughter in her own room from the moment she came home from hospital. Still managed to b/f well despite having a C section. We all slept all the better for it. She's now in a new bigger room in a full-sized single bed at 18 months and doing really well. Baby 2 arriving in a few weeks and we intend to do the same. I am a VERY light sleeper and I think a well rested me is better for the kids!
    Many of my friends bedshare, even when their kids are 3+ and this works very well for them - they think I'm mad! I think you need to do what's best for your individual circumstances.
  9. LO went in her own room this Tuesday just gone and has slept through the last 4 nights from 11:30 til 7! She is 18 weeks today. Am so glad we did it she is very happy :)
  10. Have just moved LO into own room cotbed. 4 months old. He was in crib in our bedroom (moses basket went at Christmas) but kept waking himself up hitting the sides! so we finally got round to buying the mattress and moved him in.
    It felt weird the first night not being able to see him but we leave the doors open and its no problem at all.
    Good luck
  11. mangochutney

    mangochutney New commenter

    Our daughter is still in our room at 6 months, She's beside the bed in a cotbed with the side off. I'm breastfeeding the long haul and until she sleeps through without needing a feed there doesn't seem much point moving her, I would be so much more tired if I had to go to another room to feed her. We will consider it when she is consistently only having 1 feed in the night perhaps, I know that I sleep better the other side from the cotbed because I watch her or get woken by her fidgeting whereas my hubby is better at ignoring her so maybe we will al sleep better when she goes to her own room eventually but we're in no hurry, still co sleeping some nights when she's restless or teething.
  12. 8 weeks
    We had a really hot spell of weather and it was cooler in the nursery (and the cot was obviously less 'enclosed' than the moses basket)
    She slept much better, so she never slept in our room again.
  13. princessmelody

    princessmelody New commenter

    Have moved LO into his own room tonight! He'll be 10 weeks tomorrow. He's been in a crib next to our bed but he's getting bigger and I think my hubby's snoring is waking him up. I didn't expect to feel so emotional about it- I'm going to be a wreck when he starts school!!!
    On the other hand, I haven't had a sleep for longer than 4/5 hours since before he was born so I'm REALLY hoping he'll sleep for longer now :)

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