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When did you feel those first kicks?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by KStreet, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Hiya! Congratulations on your pregnancy!
    With my first, I felt them at about 19-20 weeks but it was like a swooping feeling rather than kicks or wriggles. It took until about 24 weeks to feel proper kicks. It felt a bit like I'd driven quickly over a bridge for the first few weeks. Hard to recognise.
    My second was much lazier. The 20 week scan set him off and he started kicking me properly from then on! Definite kicks too: no swoopy feelings that time.
    And with this one, it was earlier for the 'is it, isn't it' windy feelings (about 15 weeks) but then 20 weeks (ish) again for proper, definite kicks.
    There are a number of things that can affect the feelings: if your placenta is anterior rather than posterior, you will feel far less apparently. Also, the thinner you are the earlier you will feel the movements. You're probably already feeling them but not in a recognisable sense - it will just feel like wind or like you need the loo! My babies are all more active during the night, too, so it's possible you're just missing it because you're asleep!
    Plus, if this is your first baby, 20 weeks is quite early for movements to be felt. If you're worried, ask your GP or midwife to find the baby's heartbeat for you (or you can get dopplers/prenatal listening devices for you to use at home) which should reassure you. You should perfectly normal to me!
  2. I'm going to be the one that goes right against the previous post. I'm overweight, and I felt definite bubble popping feelings (best way I can describe it is as if you're about to take a sip out of a glass of freshly opened fizzy drink, so your face is really close to the surface of the liquid and you can feel the tiny splashes of the bubbles popping on the surface of the liquid on your face) and the odd flutter at about 14 weeks - very very definitely coming from inside, and not trapped wind or anything like that - only infrequent, but there. Now they're more frequent and more fluttery (although we've gone quiet the last day or so - must have found an inaccessible corner to hide in) - but again, definitely there.... but I WAS looking out for them like crazy (and I've probably been excessively harsh on myself in disregarding a lot of them as "no, it can't be")... the thing with the overweight women is it can take longer to get to where you feel them from the outside I believe (plus the medical profession always like to throw in negatives to make you feel guilty for being fat), which makes sense since my innards aren't the bit that's excessively padded!

    Basically - no hard and fast rules and humans STILL ain't evolved with TV screens embedded in our abdomens which would make it all really much more easy!
  3. Don't panic. people ask ALL the time at your stage of pg if you can feel the baby, don't they?!
    I couldn't at 20 weeks. i remember the sonographer asking and me saying no. Then the scan showed anterior placenta so i put it down to that. If that menas nothing to you basically placenta is at front of womb so muffling any kicks. I think i begin to feel tickly sort of feelings around 22/24 weeks. I am slim built so expected to feel it sooner. Soon you'll be wishing baby would stop keeping you awake with all the crazy kicks. We're all different...
  4. Thanks girlies!
    Just me being silly I hope I am medium build so I thought I might feel something, but will find out on thursday!
    I can't even remember when I felt it with my first so no comparison!
    I do feel better with your responces so thank you :)
  5. The one they always say to send them wriggly is a really cold sugary drink and then go lie down quietly for a while... ice cold coke?
  6. Thanks! Will try that tonight :)
  7. Yes, try lying down after dinner really quietly. What you feel initially IME is not kicks but a light tickly/ fluttering. FWIW I had a posterior placenta with my first and an anterior this time and for me personally it made no difference.
  8. Hi
    I felt kicks quite late on - about 22-23 weeks. I had an anterior placenta (so at the front) which acted as a barrier to the kicks (have you got this?). Even when I got kicks, I couldn't be sure at first; actually felt like my stomach was gurgling and was wind rather than anything! But in hindsight, those feelings were Baby!
    Try not to worry but I know it's hard. I particularly found it difficult when people would go 'wow, you must be having lots of kicks now!' and I would feel like I would have to always justify why I hadn't felt anything. At times, I felt really inadequate as it's such an exciting time and one to get a buzz out of, so to not feel anything was quite difficult. But rest assured, you WILL feel something at some point - and by the end of the pregnancy, I could DEFINITELY feel Baby! And feet under my ribs, the works!
    Enjoy your pregnancy, it's a wonderful time!
  9. Oh and those 'wind' feelings were when it was silent and I was lying on a couch reading a book.
  10. ellbee

    ellbee New commenter

    I can feel my little one "poking" me from the inside, have felt it for the last couple of days.
    I'm 19w tomorrow x
  11. If it helps, mine seems to be most dramatic when I'm squashing him - hunched over the computer or crouched down and bent over - or when I'm lying down and he has plenty of room to stretch out. He also responds to a cold can of pepsi by flinging himself about as someone mentioned earlier.
  12. I'm 23 weeks and I only started feeling movement recently and even now it is not something I feel regularly. I'm slim to medium build and have an anterior placenta.
    My MIL has been asking me since quite early on if I feel anything, reasuringly stating that she felt movements since the third month when she was pregnant but when I mentioned it to the obstetrician at my check, she said it was quite unusual to feel anything before 20 weeks.
    As others have said, an ice-cold glass of cola seems to induce movements.
  13. Hey girls!
    Just an update i had my scan and everything is fine :)
    My little girl is lying on her belly with her legs up at her face - so the reason i don't feel anything is because she is all curled up and not actually kicking!!
    Thanks for your reassurance :)

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