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When are you told where you will be next year?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by kanddd, May 27, 2011.

  1. You have my sympathies! This is not a good position to be in - I can't understand why the school would not be able to tell you by now. Was there a reason given?
  2. No, no reason given.
    we have asked to be told, both where we will be and what time we will be working. After school clubs are to be run and the teachers have been told TA's will be running them but we haven't been told that either.
    Time to look else where I think!
  3. Maybe. Is this reflective of the SLT on the whole?
  4. I think its shocking that some of you can have quite serious job changes and just be told, no consultation or nothing.

    Mine is an SEN post working with SENCO and its the same each year thank goodness.

    Miss 2012
  5. I would hate not knowing til September. I have no clue what I will be teaching when covering inY6 so that first week will be setting out my stall.

    Miss 2012 ~ My other remit is SEN. I love this aspect of my job. I acted SENCo for many years :)
  6. Yes, yes it is :-S
    we are there to do as we are told.....no consultation ever takes place, i can talk till i'm blue in the face about how a certain child is doing, or what i think may help for it to all be ignored. after all.....who am i??

  7. I am in Year 5, was in Year 6 and I desperately wanted to move to KS1 so I am quite disappointed as I am not happy in KS2. However it's been difficult for my head to keep everyone happy and I can appreciate that fact so I am going to try and make it work however after this year I am definitely moving to KS1 or early years.

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