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When are you told where you will be next year?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by kanddd, May 27, 2011.

  1. Maybe financial information? Those of us on temporary contracts were told on Friday afternoon that we would have our contracts renewed. There had been a finance meeting on Thursday.
  2. Good point MissKorbey.
  3. We are actually given a A3 piece of paper with all the classes and their teachers and we write in number order of preference who we would like to work with! The only trouble with this, I am not sure if only the HT sees it or all the teachers, which might be rather embarrassing, especially if you have ranked them lower than they hoped! Obviously it IS needs based but I do suspect the teachers also have their own wish list too! [​IMG]
  4. I've often thought that our HT should just put all our names in a hat! It would save him loads of time and it would make for an exciting staff meeting whilst he called the names out bingo style!
  5. Hiya
    In the eleven years that I have worked at my school we have always been asked...and never been given what we ask for! One year we were told the day before we broke up in July and last year we were told a month before!
    It differs year to year but this year we were told that we would all keep our hours......hooray!!

    Good luck :eek:)
  6. We were told last week in individual meetings with the HT. It was advertised as a discussion as to next year's arrangements but there's no real discussion as it's already decided when you walk in! The HT did ask if someone would change their hours but they declined. I can't see how they can change your contract without discussing it first like the previous poster said.
  7. Oh well......jury's out and I'm in Y4!

    Quite looking forward to it actually :)
  8. R13

    R13 Occasional commenter

    We've got intervires for new assistants in the 2nd week of July so we can't really announce anything until then as we want the best person for the school and not just for a specific group
  9. Hiya
    Well it's what....5 weeks tops 'til we break up for summer and none of us have been asked where we would like to work next year!
    To be honest I don't mind, just want/need the maximum hours. I do feel for the people who really have a dislike for a certain year group or 1:1 versus general TA role [​IMG]
    I do think most people have a reole that they feel happy in and you never know the doling out of hours could work out perfectly if the HT looked at where everyone wanted to be!

    Good luck everyone!
  10. ......................Update!

    We now know that the teachers have been told where they will be next year...but as yet we haven't heard a dickie bird about our placements...altho' we have "heard" that everyone is being mixed up!?!

    Am slightly trembly at the thought of year 6's who are bigger than me!!!
  11. We were asked where we would like to be back in May, and the headteacher tried to accomodate all TA's. We were told where we would be at the beginning of June and this week we were given our time tables for September.
  12. We were all told about 3 weeks ago. We are always asked for a preference and our wishes are adhered to as much as possible. Our Head knows where each TA works best and does her best to keep us happy and enthusiastic.
  13. We've had new posts filled they were sorted Wednesday so we were told today .I knew I was going to Yr3 with my 1to1 but not the teacher am OK with the teacher I have ,the TA i work with in Yr2 is moving with us and we get on well together so next year should be fine.[​IMG]
  14. We were told about 2 weeks ago and the teachers were told a couple of weeks before that. We're asked if we have any preferences but also told it might not be possible to please everyone. I said that I was happy where I was but would 'go with the flow' if needed to be moved. I think all the other TA's said the same thing because everyone is more or less staying where they are.
  15. I work as an LSP with special needs and I was told today which students I will be working with in September for my ASDAN, and which kids will be coming up in year 7 that we need to know about.

  16. We found out yesterday where we will be in september, it's quite unusual it's normally the week we break up, we would be notified first if our timetabled hours or our year group had changed
  17. Yey I KNOW THE BIZZ!!
    Am in Foundation again and am doing PPA in foundation too...am very pleased as it's what I have done for last 4 years:eek:)

    The moral is...stick to what you know!

  18. Hmmm, I thought I knew, but the child I work with will be in the same class as my youngest in September. That means I must be somewhere else but this hasn't been discussed with me!
  19. Well....I found out I have to do PPA cover in Y6 next year :(

    Not entirely happy ~ there is a teacher who is not very nice.

    We'll see...................
  20. well....... we broke up yesterday and have no clue where we will be in sept!
    school hours are changing and we haven't officially been told so have no idea what time we will be starting or finishing.
    beat that for lack of communication!


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