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When are you told where you will be next year?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by kanddd, May 27, 2011.

  1. Just wondering whether you are given notice of which class you will be working with next year. Are you asked where you wish to be or are you told where you will be?
  2. We are told. My hours were rearranged one year without discussion. Some of the TAs who have been there for ages say they didn't used to find out till the first day of the school year!
  3. Hi, it's that time of year when the anxiety about next year starts. At my school we will be told in July and we have not been asked for our preferences. I am keeping my fingers crossed for year 5 or 6 !
  4. We are asked to give a preference, but told to bear in mind that it might not be possible to please everyone. It's ok, obviously what the children need must come first, rather than wishes for lying in of a morning![​IMG]
  5. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    We are told.I wasn't told until the beginning of term last year but that was because of some difficulties with other TAs.Most knew before the end of the summer term.I have been asked about a child I am working 1:1 with this year for next year.It isn't guaranteed but would I like to continue to support him.
  6. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    I was told this week - we normally do know around this time, although this is the first time I haven't been asked about where I might want to be - doesn't really make any difference to what happens but it just seems polite! Mind you, it's also the first time ever in my life I have felt that I wouldn't want to work with a particular teacher again - fortunately head realised (or perhaps he said he'd never work with me again!)
  7. We have been asked but told it might not be possible. We won't find out until the last week of term what we are doing next year. Having said that it is also the same for the teachers as well so can't complain even though it does lead to a feeling of unsettlement.
  8. Why not be proactive and say where you would like to be, if at all possible......
  9. I was told on Friday and for once in my life I am completly speechless !
  10. Can you share strict1?
  11. Our TAs are told at the same time as the teachers - around 2 weeks before the end of the Summer 1st half term. We try to tell as early as possible to iron out any problems and give people time to hand in notice if they want to look elsewhere (never happened yet, thank goodness!).
  12. The TA's/HLTA's at my school have individual meetings with the HT every year around April time to discuss the next school year and whether we would like less hours/more hours, what we've enjoyed most about the year we've just done and whether we'd like to change classes or stay where we are for the next year. Obviously, it's not always possible to accommodate everyone's wishes but the HT always takes what we've said into account when trying to ensure the classes have the right members of staff for the needs of the children. I would imagine I'll find out where I'll be within the next couple of weeks. I'm sure I'll be perfectly happy whatever I'm told because I count myself as being very lucky to get along with all members of staff within the school [​IMG]
  13. When you are told where you will be next year, are you also given different hours of work? In our school, we change class every three to four years for personal development, but we seem to be given a different number of hours, and different days each year. I wonder if this is permissable? I am contracted to work 21 hours, yet I am now on 15. The Head would probably say that it is done in consultation with us - truth is TAs are called into see her individually, usually only two weeks or so before the end of the summer term. She then tells us what days we will work and asks us to sign a letter agreeing to these new hours. I suppose we could say no, but it is usually so late in the year, that we all feel obliged to agree once she has given us the sob story of how hard it has been. She takes refusals very personally. I don't think she even realises that some of us actually need this money!
  14. Hi. We are being told over the next two weeks. I have a 1-1 with my boss tomorrow and will be given my hours for the new school year then. We are not asked where we'd prefer to be and have already been told we'll be losing a few hours each.
  15. we are told were we are next year.
  16. marniott

    marniott New commenter

    Dairylea - I find this quite shocking really that people would just "roll over" and allow her to change their hours like this. If you have a contract that states 21 hours then 21 hours is what you should get!

    I personally would not be signing anything that changed my hours - unless I had asked for the change.
  17. To be honest Marniott it isn't a simple question of rolling over - it is done in such a manipulative way that we feel bambloozled and pushed; the late timing of it all is just another manipulation in my opinion. It isn't until after you have left the office that you even realise what has happened to you!! I have wised up and now am feeling really stressed as I am politely sorting out another issue with her (see my other post!) and again, I am being told I am contracted to do things which I know I am not. Still, stressed or not, I am sticking to my guns!! Thanks for your comments everyone.
  18. We found out today, didn't get year 5/6 . C'est la vie :-(
  19. All the teaching staff know where they wil be, and there is a lot of change round for them this year. Some have been asked if they want to change, others have had the change thrust upon them. We are having 'moving on' day in two weeks. We have been told that we will not even be told then.
  20. Just don't get this. Why not? If the teachers have been sorted, what other information are they waiting for before they decide?

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