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when are SAT's results back in school?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by 666, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. elg


    Got our English back today. Reading wasn't too bad but in comparison to previous years we're a bit below what we normally get. Still above what they were predicted based on KS1 results but that never seems to be enough to satisfy the SIP! Makes me feel rubbish to be honest - as if us teachers and the kids don't work hard enough as it is!
    Writing is another matter...
    Haven't delved into them but there seem to be a lot more level 3s than predicted. Of those, there are a fair few who have scored 24 or 23. Boundary doesn't ever seem to go below 25 for level 4 so going to be having a thorough look through those papers! Feeling quite demoralised as the longer I am in yr 6, the more it just seems about adding numbers up rather than looking at how far each child has come - which is incredibly far in so many cases!!!
    A whole year of hard work shot down in a few hours.
  2. Feeling exactly the same! Got our English back today and the writing has been harshly marked. Am spending the next two days going through papers with Head and Deputy as we scrutinise the marking criteria, but have very little hope to be honest. Most of the children have moved from W and level 1 in Year 2 to level 3's, but it won't be enough! What do we have to do????

  3. Literally 'laughed out loud'! :-D
  4. I got one paper where the school had transcribed the entire writing paper for the pupil concerned. Now his writing wasn't the neatest, I'll grant them - but neither was it illegible. I ignored the transcript and gave the kid a mark for handwriting anyway.
  5. luffenham

    luffenham New commenter

    elg and purlpenjc
    I know exactly how you feel. Having a large glass of something tonight[​IMG]
  6. razziegyp

    razziegyp New commenter

    You were meant to give him a handwriting mark, transcript or not........
  7. No, I checked this out with my team leader, who then checked with her supervisor. Eventually I was told that if it had a full transcript, then the handwriting could not get a mark and I should award 0.

    I think you might be thinking of when a child has dictated and someone has transcribed what they have said. In this case, I was told, you give it 2 marks. Where the child has done the writing and it is illegible, it does not get a mark.
  8. razziegyp

    razziegyp New commenter

    Wow that's tight! I knew about scribing getting the child an automatic 2 but our team leader told us never to give a 0 ! Nothing about transcripts! Would have done what you did!
  9. We had our writing papers back today and children who had transcribes were given a handwriting mark.
  10. Hmm, seems to have been some inconsistency there then.
    Thank goodness I gave him the mark anyway. Otherwise I'd have felt a right scrooge now!
  11. Any one got an English mark scheme at home - Ive brought the results home to analyse but forgotten the mark scheme and need the spelling conversion scores - doh!
    If anyone can post them I'd be very grateful!! Thanks!
  12. Haven't got the mark scheme but from past experience:
    1 = 1-3
    2 = 4-6
    3 = 7-9
    4 = 10 -12
    5 = 13 -15
    6 = 16-18
    7 = 19 -20
    Think this is correct
  13. Try here:
  14. Thats great thanks! I know its only a rough estimate until the thresholds arrive but you just cant help it can you?!
  15. We received our English papers today and to say we are horrified would be an understatement. Only a short time ago we had an Ofsted inspection and were told that our attainment in writing was outstanding.
    Yet here I am, looking at a paper from one of our SEN pupils alongside one of our 'high fives'. There is no comparison in terms of quality, yet both were awarded the same marks. Words fail me.....again. Why should I have to give up hours of my life sorting out such ineptitude?
    I can only imagine that the marker was either too scared to award marks that were due or she was too thick to recognise a piece of quality writing or she was under the influence of something. Or maybe it was a combination of the three.
  16. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    How do you know which schools are middle class?
  17. Cassandra I have had the same experience.......some expected to get a level 3 scoring higher than those expected to get a level 5. Very inconsistent marking and on looking no comparison between some children who were given the same marks. Whilst I would love my lower ability children to do well it seems very unfair on some of the higher ability children. Either the marker has been generous with the bottom end or harsh with the top end or, to be honest, both. Now have to trawl through 90 papers..........grrrrr
  18. poet

    poet New commenter

    Here here!
    Lots of my level 5 writers missed it and some level 3's were easily given too many marks. Some of the marks given baffled me - there just seemed to be no correlation between what scored in one paper and what didn't in another. Crazy. Lots lower than we hoped (though maths and reading look good) fingers crossed thresholds go down
  19. Same as every year!

    It probably costs more in hours for teachers to look through papers and send them back than what is paid to the markers. The inconsistencies are ridiculous - I can't believe some of these people are paid to incorectly mark papers. Sorry to the good markers, but there are also too many bad markers. It is not fair that many children will have to wait until September to recieve their mark, which has been regraded by an experienced marker (poorly marked scripts are sent to A grade markers - incompetent markers are struck off - why hire them in the first place).
  20. I have worked in year 6 all year and the feedback so far about writing grades is worrying me. I am starting teacher training in September and wanted to ask if SATs results are similar to other exams. If the all results are lower overall will the level banding change accordingly?

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