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when are SAT's results back in school?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by 666, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Just to add to my previous post - have had a good look through the writing papers and now understand entirely why the independent review body wants to remove the writing test! A group of children with very average long writing tasks scoring the writing equivalent of a 5A and one marginally weaker piece that barely scrapped a 4c by 2010 threshold standards! Add to that a group of children who wrote newspaper reports with every conceivable newspaper report feature scoring 3/12 for composition and effect. Reading however is a different story! 44-48 scores from nearly half of my year 6.
  2. razziegyp

    razziegyp New commenter

    That's great! Hope mine are as good! For all the moaning we did about the reading paper, I must admit that the mark scheme this year was so very open that around 75% of those I marked were well into L5!!
  3. razziegyp

    razziegyp New commenter

    Ooooops! Should I have said that? [​IMG]
  4. Ooops!! Am sure no-one will try to track you down for that [​IMG]
  5. My only worry about so many high scores is that I have a few borderline level 5 readers (scored 32/50 - which is a L5 by 2010 standards) that will suffer from the thresholds shooting right up this year - can't win!
  6. I think we may have had the same marker! I could have written your post! Feel very demoralised too! There is definitely another agenda this year....
  7. Bizarre marking this year. I had a child who (deservedly) only got 4 marks in the Long Write for 3 lines of nonsense and a child who got 6 (out of 31) for 2 pages of paragraphed, fairly well punctuated writing with lots of journalistic features and a range of connective openers. Crazy! Will be sending it back! Also had one which got 31 out of 31-it was good! But not that good! Bonkers.
  8. elg


    Oh yay. Can't wait to get ours back. Just in case you can't tell, I'm being a little sarcastic. Everything sounds all over the place!
  9. cinnamonsquare

    cinnamonsquare Occasional commenter

    We've only had the maths scripts back so far. Hoping the thresholds don't get messed around with too much because it looks like we're on track for 2/3 L5, so this will be the 1st year in a long time I've met the stupid flipping target for L5. (The one they set based on KS1 results where a 3b is really a 3c, without actually looking at the children you have in your class, so don't adjust for SEN or children who have moved away and new children who have joined. Grrrr.)
  10. If you want to know the marks for spellings, they are in the answer scheme. Markers just put the raw score on there but the conversion table is at the back of the answer booklet like all other years.

    We had our English back - overall quite happy. Have quite a few borderline L5 in writing so waiting anxiously for thresholds, reading better than expected so hoping thresholds don't shoot up as that seems to be the general picture.

    Maths should hopefully arrive on Monday!
  11. luffenham

    luffenham New commenter

    Had our English back. Reading really good - matched TA almost across board with a very strong set of level 5's. But the writing? Awful awful awful! Ridiculously low scoring bringing solid level 5 children down a whole level (and in one case to a 3a!) Sat and read some with head and cant see anyway these scored so low - one had intro, key points, eyewitness quotes for the newspaper article (correctly punctuated) paragraphing, conclusion, correct comma use within the sentences, varied vocab and even a blinkin correctly used semicolon!!!!!(Yes I know that was an overuse of ! but sometimes it is called for) This child scored 3a overall in writing
    Needless to say we will appeal so will be spending tomorrow hunkered down with the mark scheme! Feel awful though that even with appeal some children will have SAT mark sent home way lower than they deserve as appeals if upheld dont come back until September. Teacher assessments will be very different!
  12. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    How do you know the threshold table hasn't been published yet? There isn't any way to reliably calculate levels ...
  13. luffenham

    luffenham New commenter

    i've based them on levels from past few years. They rarely change that much! (Though obviously i'll be overjoyed on July 5th if all the thresholds have changed down dramatically![​IMG]

  14. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    To be fair, they never change by that much. I work mine out using the highest levels over the last 5/6 years, even then I know they might change a little.
  15. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    The cynic in me wonders how far Mr Gove will stoop to get more academies
  16. broberg

    broberg New commenter

    <font size="2">Hi - my yr6 son
    has been treated to gifted and talented treatment starting a few months before
    sats </font>

    <font size="2">Strangely it has stopped now. Cynical exploitation of kids to
    manipulate statistics? or is this justified. </font>

    <font size="2">Perhaps this is why all the secondaries retest with cats. All that
    breast beating about banning sats for the sake of the over testing of the 'poor
    little stressed out children'. WE have
    now two sets of major tests within a matter of months.</font>

    <font size="2">It is like that puzzle:</font>

    <font size="2">Changing one letter at a time how many steps are there between &ldquo;hypocrite&rdquo;
    and &ldquo;head teachers association&rdquo;</font>
  17. The writing is marked from a slightly different viewpoint now. We are told to not look favourably on incorrect use of features that children have forced in. Eg VCOP! The number of children who don't even seem to read the plan, and instead do a list of every feature they should include from what they have been taught. Then what they write does not make sense as they have furthermore, on the other hand, meanwhile, etc forced into a piece of writing that doesn't need it (or brackets that are tagged on the end of a sentence like this).
    Having marked the papers, I think middle class schools will be very happy. I would also suggest more teachers read the guidelines more carefully. These children can have extra time, scribing and transcripts - but hardly anyone seems to bother with this. I don't understand why.
    I could go on!
  18. razziegyp

    razziegyp New commenter

    What children?
    And there are strict guidelines for extra time, transcripts and scribing....
  19. Yes.
    Statemented children get 25% extra, or 100% for visual and hearing impairments
    Writing that is hard to read can be transcribed
    Children who have a slow writing speed (it has to be tested) or statements for learning can have their work scribed. Children and adults need to learn how to scribe as children have to tell the adult where to put the punctuation, start a new paragraph etc.

    We use these for our SEN children who are entitled to them and would enable to them achieve the level they are working at.
  20. As the Mother of a child who also has 'the scraggiest most migraine-inducing handwriting' its great to read that somebody doesn't judge the writing on the handwriting. I work with much younger children and it breaks my heart to see that some of them can write better than my own child!
    Thanks simply for that, its reassuring to know that the content is more important than the style in which its written.

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