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when are SAT's results back in school?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by 666, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. The one real jaw-drop piece of writing I remember marking this year (love the ones that you get that really stand out and give you tingles) was a kid with the scraggiest most migraine-inducing handwriting I've ever seen for a good while (future career as a doctor methinks)... I saw jaw-drop as it was just one of those "wow that's really really good" pieces.
    Last thing I do is judge by handwriting - hell I don't even DO handwriting marks at the same time as the actual "writing" marks, I do them on an intitial go-through, then go back to look at the actual content.
    For all the initial outcry about it - I actually don't think kids have done badly at all on the reading this year - haven't seen many really really weak reading papers at all compared to previous years. Most wised up to the lengthy bits in the middle being stuff to come back to and jumped on to snag the easier marks later on as well - which I know people were worried about!
  2. sparklyflipflops

    sparklyflipflops New commenter

    We received both our English and Maths papers back today. Initially sunk into a slight depression with the Maths ones as they were not quite so good as we'd hoped.[​IMG]
    Then... English. Much better! Good results in reading and writing including several maximum possible scores on the long writing. [​IMG] As writing has been our focus, and I'm Literacy subject leader, that makes me one happy teacher! Official results are due July 5th as others have said.
  3. Bit of information to perhaps assist (or annoy?) - for reasons unknown to markers, it has become clear that they are being informed at very different times as to when they can contact Parcel Force to arrange collection for the return of scripts to schools.
    From reading here, some of you have them back already - whilst there are markers who have only just (today) received notification to dispatch. As such, for those now arranging it, it will mean that the earliest they can be collected by Parcel Force is on Monday.
    Don't shoot me..... only the messenger etc[​IMG].
  4. PEmonkey

    PEmonkey New commenter

    just got our papers back today SMT very happy, up on last year, based on 2010 thresholds. question is, are the 2010 thresholds reliable?
  5. Unless you've got a crystal ball - you won't know that till the 5th. Not even the markers have seen the thresholds this year - they've all been set to levels centrally, markers just did raw marks. People tend to make educated guesses using previous years thresholds but no one knows the actualities of it for a good while longer.
  6. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    Last year's maths was the highest for L5 it has been for a few years.

    We just got our maths papers back today. Looks like the best ever results for the second year running. I doubt English will be as good.
  7. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    Our writing was not good, especially the long writing, but the reading made up for it so overall English is fine. Our maths are not back yet but should hopefully be reasonable!
  8. Hi Lynn

    Looked at last year's thresholds- marks out of 50. Do you know has weighting of areas changed this year as marks don't seem to correspond?
  9. sparklyflipflops

    sparklyflipflops New commenter

    I noticed that too. Spelling is usually transferred into a score out of 7 and recorded on the paper, but this year it's only recorded out of 20. Think they must have missed a box off! Must still be out of 7 otherwise score doesn't total 100.
  10. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    We got our maths back today...I am an extremely happy bunny! Not had the English back yet though :s
  11. As a marker we were told that the system would sort out the spelling score and that we just had total up the actual score. Guess we just trust in the system!
    We have no idea of thresholds at all.
  12. We got both of ours back today - look fantastic to me. Reading scores really good which I'm not surprised at (I thought the reading paper was a really easy one). Writing scores are a bit up and down rather than just down like the last few years - they actually match up with my TA for a change! Maths great as expected. All in all I'm delighted. Can't wait to see what they do with the thresholds...a move up and it won't affect us, a move down and yippee more over the threshold!
    Re: spelling scores - they've just put the raw score down. It is out of 7 as per usual, just got to convert it for once, don't know why?
  13. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Oh for goodness sake! Totally, 100% exactly the same as us! Again! :)
  14. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    Stop it now!
    my writing is 58% [​IMG]
    and my reading is 92% ( with 50% at level 5) with 84% overall English, ( my missing 8% is my statemented boy)
    too many 3A's for writing!
    Maths is usually our strongest area but 92% might be hard to beat!

    (all based on last year's levels, hopefully the thresholds will be the same this year too!)
  15. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    LOLOL wish ours were that good!

    Writing is 43%, which is way, way below teacher assessment. And many with secure 4s for TA have missed it by a mile, but others with a TA of a 3c have got what will be nearer a 3a. Totally mad!
    Reading is 72%, which is more or less in line with expectations and gives us an overall of 67% and just above our target.

    Two children will be discounted later as only just arrived in the country, but still a dire writing situation.

    Ours are last year's thresholds as well. Need to hope the writing threshold goes down by about 3-4 marks and we'll be ok then.

    Dreading maths now.
  16. Havent had a proper look yet but on first glance reading looks ok and bottom end writers seem to have done well but top end not such high scores. Totally depends on the thresholds tho. Still waiting for the maths papers so fingers crossed they are ok
  17. JackwHarry

    JackwHarry New commenter

    If you are thinking of getting any remarked, be careful not to write any remark efforts of your own on the papers as if you do the papers are counted as defaced and will not be considered. We have had to rub out some pencil marks on ours from where we moderated some writing papers that were way out in our opinion. Next time we'll remember to use post it notes! When sending them away for remarks, even these must be removed.
  18. Thanks for the tip. I'm new to y6 this year so will be very useful when we start going through them next week. Some writing marks did seem a bit odd.
  19. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    I have one who managed to get more marks on the short writing than he did on the long-[​IMG]
  20. Some of the ones we thought would be borderline 3/4 have scored more than our potential level 5 kids in the long writing. Haven't moderated them yet.

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