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Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by misspixie9, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Hi
    For one of my KS3 projects next term, we are making small moving animals (on wheels, so they can be pulled along, with cams to provide the movement). Unfortunately, I'm struggling to sort out the wheels! I found a couple of circular drill bits, in relevant sizes, but they all appear to be parts of sets that are missing bits - they're interchangeable sizes, so they either have the band with the teeth on it, or the centre piece, or they've got everything apart from the drill bit in the centre - the list goes on and on! In an ideal world, I'd be asking for new (fully working!) ones from my HoD, but as we're a bit close to half term now, I'm looking for other options, so...
    Does anyone either have suggestions of ways I could make wheels that doesn't require the circular drills, or places I could source wooden wheels from relatively cheaply?
    Pixie x
  2. Pixie
    I think from the description you are talking about hole saws.
    The centre drill is fairly standard at 1/4 inch, a normal one will do at a pinch, it can be modified by grinding a flat for the grub screw to lock on to.
    Alternatively I have mass produced wheels in the past by making an arbor and holding about 20 between centres in a lathe and turning them to size. As it is normally MDF that gets used there can be a lot of dust - use a vac cleaner to controll that and clean and oil the lathe well when you finish as otherwise the dust will attract moisture and rust the machine in a couple of days.
    Whatever don't forget that if you are using dowel for axles it need to be a the same size. The timber merchants seem to supply 6mm or 1/4in at random, but it makes a difference to the fit.
    Technology Teaching Supplies and MUTR ( Middlesex University), are both sources of prepared wooden wheels

    Hope this helps and enjoy the project!

  3. Miss pixie, I have pictures and a booklet of how I do this kind of project in year 8. The project is on a publisher file and a bit large to send, but I can sort you out with a copy if interested?
    Thanks, JJ
  4. re

    re New commenter

    We do this project in Y7. Rapid Electronics sell a range of polypropelene wheels withn a 3mm hole in the centre + 3mm steel shaft which fits perfectly. Also thir cam sets have same size hole.
  5. Y
    You can buy precut ones from kent county supplies for about £7.50 for one hundred. I then drilled one hole off centre to create the cam movement. A lot less dust this way....
  6. Thanks for the links!
    Fingers crossed, it looks like I'm getting shiny new tools (yay!), which is my preference - I want them to be able to learn a new process with the project, and although it may not be the most efficient way, it's different at least.
    Jujames1, if you could email me your project that would be amazing - I'll drop you a message with my contact details
    Thanks everyone :)

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