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What's wrong with me? Does anyone else finding teaching with 2 small children as hard as I am?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by BeckGirl, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. *through this
  2. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I went back 0.5 after my first child and found this ok, a nice balance, although the downside was the shared classes and feeling a bit out of the loop.
    I went back after Easter after my 2nd child, still on 0.5, and it's pretty much the same, although we're an academy now and on split sites, so I'm kind of getting used to swapping sites all the time and the fact that every single one of my classes is split and I'm teaching in about 10 different classrooms!
    However, the days off with my children are fantastic and I really appreciate them, and I also find that I have enough time to plan some good lessons, create resources etc.
    My husband works shifts so it is really tough when he's on a late as I'm home alone with the kids (age 1 and nearly 3) so doing work in the evening isn't usually possible, so I have to be very organised.
    I guess you're primary, so at least you will have the same class on the days you work, so that will make things easier. You'll probably find, like me, that you have more time to plan better lessons for the days you're at work.
  3. I found working 0.6 with 1 small child a bit like treading water sometimes so I'm very very impressed that you managed so well after your first was born... what you're feeling now is very common and not at all surprising (teaching is hard without kids to look after too!). It sounds like you're doing some practical stuff to help. Also try to make sure you have a way to 'remember' and organise life - effective lists, schedules, systems etc as part of the problem is filling your head all the time and not being able to focus / switch off. I often find it's not what I'm doing that is the problem, it's all the thoughts and worries that over load me.

  4. mk84

    mk84 New commenter

    Love it!
  5. No one who has ever had to budget, shop for, cook and serve tasty (edible!!) and nutritious (mostly!) meals for a family day in day out would ever think thins was bonkers!! I ask my OH on a saturday what time he will be home each day in the week, see what plans we have and then decide what is going to be made / frozen / served etc each evening. Otherwise things are total chaos, wasteful of food and money AND stressful.
  6. Beachhut, it's more the public writing down of it 'menu style' that he objects to! Other members of my family have a whiteboard in the kitchen where they post the weeks meals! Basically, he likes to think he has some element of choice about what he eats so I tend to give him a choice of a couple of things in the morning and then take necessary meat out of the freezer.
  7. I really am counting down the days til the end if term (as I'm sure every one of you are too!). Spending the half term break writing reports was no fun, not to mention all the med term planning. I was due to have the morning out of class today and had a list as long as my arm of things to do. Then supply didn't show til 11 and I spen 11 - 12.30 being called back to class to sort children who weren't coping with supply.
    When I asked if the list 2 hours would be available at another time I was pretty much told no. So I ended up having to call my husband to finish work to collect the children from childminder so I could stay in work til late. On return home we had a huge row about my job and I feel rubbish. My OH is incredibly hands on, supportive and a rock. But he's been pushed too far. And nobody at my school "gets it" as lovely as they are.
    Think it's time to quit. But what else will fit around my children so perfectly (they're 3.5 and 15 months).
  8. Hi, I work full time in special needs in a promoted position so with pupil contact and management duties. I have twins who are 6 and a 2 year old. I have always worked, only taking minimum mat leave. It is really stressful and hard and I often feel I am only just holding on to everything. I am on anti-anxiety meds and have high blood pressure. I have had to increase all the childcare hours for after the summer hols as I can't cope. So I will pay about £650 a month for 3 days of care per week for 3 kids. Its crazy. But unfortunately to pay all the bills, mortgage etc I have to work full time. Husband also works full time although he starts early afternoon and works evening, nights and weekends so at least he gets the kids out in the morning. Needless to say we dont often see each other! I keep thinking things will get easier - or at least things can't get any more difficult. Try not to make any big decisions about giving up work when you are upset, tired or been fighting. Its one big juggling act thats for sure and in my opinion teaching is changing for the worse. If you could afford it maybe a job-share could be a comprimise.
  9. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    That all sounds really stressful BeckGirl.
    The only other things are being a TA or cover supervisor really, or work in a nursery that they go to too, but if you need the salary from teaching then these jobs are no good.
    Or you could work from home. I have an MA in Translation, but didn't find a job as a Translator after uni, but I guess if i really needed to I could find out about freelance translation. Although I'd prefer to have a guaranteed income and set hours, I don't think I'd have the discipline to work from home!
    Is part time an option?
  10. lucejuce - a 2 year old and TWINS! I should just shut up and stop my whinging NOW! Hats off to you!
    At the moment I work Mon - Thurs but have requested to reduce to Mon - Weds from September and it's been agreed and a job share partner has been recruited. So there is some light at the end of the tunnel, I hope.
    Financially it will be hard but I'd rather that, than carry on the way things are at the moment. I, too, am on anti-anxiety meds which have been increased twice returning to work after baby #2. Life's too short.
    I totally agree. I actually love teaching and being in the classroom but it's all the other pressures, responsibilities and pointless tasks that are dragging me down. Every sngle thing takes bl00dy ages, it seems.
    Really hope things do start to get 'easier' or more bearable for you lucejuce. Sounds to me like you're pretty amazing xx
  11. Chica77 - I've started to put my thinking cap on to explore other options outside of teaching.
    Watch this space....!
    Now, back to my planning at 12.15am on Monday!
  12. Beckgirl- not sure if you're still reading, but I've just returned to work 2 days a week, and am supplementing my income by doing private tutoring a few hours a week. Do you have family or friends who could watch your kids for a couple of hours a week or, can't remember the age of your kids, are they old enough to watch a DVD in adjoining room for an hour while you tutor at home? I charge £25 an hour for primary but am putting my rates up to £30 as have so much demand round here.
    Hope things improve for you soon.x
  13. This is challenging, you need to see your priorities.You have to manage your time according to your priorities. Doing multitasks in a day can improve your efficiency.

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