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What's the worst thing your head has done to you?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by amaryllis2, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Can anyone beat this?
    My head has just announced that she wants my class (Y2) and the Y1 class to put on an end of year show! We've been given 2 weeks and 1 days notice. She said she doesnt want a song or a poem (which is what we usually do) but she wants a 'play.' When I asked her why an older class couldnt do something instead of the Y1 class, she answered. 'Because I said so.'

    I think she'll be off my gift and card list at the end of the year.
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    LOLOLOL I reckon a HT that did that to me with such notice would be off mine as well.

    You could do the nativity and just get the year 1 children to be sheep for the shepherds and animals in the stable.

    Not sure it would count as the worst thing a HT has ever done to a member of staff, but would definitely have had be stropping and stomping about!
  3. I was bullied by my headteacher.
    I'm still visiting a counsellor .
  4. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    I agree with minnie. With so little time it would be difficult to do a playwith Yr 1 in that time-frame. So go with the suggestion of a simple tableaux nativity, possibly with a couple of songs.
  5. beershop

    beershop New commenter

    I did a KS1 play last year - the Xmas Factor. It was great and we wrote and rehearsed it in just 2 weeks. We had 3 judges and a Dermot, and then each class sang 2 songs. The audience voted with A4 voting cards. It worked fab, but I'm afraid I don't have the script any more as my memory stick got wiped and I never back up.

    Can try and help but it's possible!
  6. Worst thing? Decided to appoint her husband on top-scale supply wages, without running it past anyone, meaning that there was no room for the NQT to have her contract renewed (guess who was the NQT)... then told my class I was leaving when I was out on a course for a day so managed to twist and distort all the facts and make me look dreadful to the parents... then at our end of year mass announced my departure, rammed a bunch of flowers in my face with such viciousness that there were several parents' jaws hitting the floor...
    Then when I sent a thank you card addressed to the "Head and all the staff at St Nowhere's Primary"... she took offence to this (she liked all cards addressed to her alone) - and decided to start sending out references so outlandishly negative that someone took me aside and commented she'd never read anything as bizarre in all her time appointing teachers (and thankfully disregarded it as it was so blatantly bonkers and appointed me based on my other referee) and she felt I should be made aware of what this lunatic was doing. Basically she'd forgotten the initial reference request, so the school had reminded her - and reminding her of missing paperwork was always likely to kick her off into a strop so she'd lashed out with me as her target.
    The same ghastly woman (the Head - not the one who told me of her bonkers reference) would regularly shout and scream at staff in assembly, fell out with every single parish priest in her catchment (we had three parishes) - meaning she'd tour round Sunday Mass at the church she'd annoyed furthest in the past, she was utterly hideous toward our traveller children - completely and openly resenting the fact she had to educate them (and they were utter utter sweeties these kids), and played favourites with the kids in the good parts of the catchment being picked for everything and ignored the kids from the rougher council estate.
    She also decided to land me with a class assembly my second week in the job, with a new intake reception class and the expectation they'd all stand up in front of the school and say their name and "perform"... of course you can imagine what a terrifying thought that was for some of them and what a nightmare it became (circumvented the worst of it by borrowing all the friendly Y2s for hand-holding and talking duty - which, again, she didn't like me doing!)
    Vile vile woman - her behaviour still irks me now nearly 10 years down the line.
  7. God, posts like the one above make me shudder. I moan about my head sometimes but for the most minor things compared to what others put up with. Thank goodness you escaped. How do these people get to the top?!
  8. I've begun to believe that it is part of the job requirements for a headship that one either enjoys bullying others/ walks around with one's head up one's own behind/ is completely out of touch with one's staff/ is fluent in bull$h!t government-initiative-speak/ all of the above...and i could count on the fingers of 1 hand the exceptions to the rule i have encountered to date!!
  9. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    My worst was a head who, after i had suffered a not very good ofsted, marched into my class on the friday and demanded my resignation and said he would give me 2 weeks money.....what a *** of a man.He was the biggest a*** hole i have ever encountered in teaching over 30 plus years.He destroyed my concept of myself as a competent teacher and lead to an agonising period of competency procedings.He basically destroyed my career as from then on i was unable to get jobs for nearly 2 yearsd , except on supply!
    If i meet him again i have a few things to say to him............but no doubt by now he is probabaly working as an advisor(shudders).

  10. My current head recently slammed the door in a member of teaching staff's face when he was in one of his rages. It actually hit the member of staff in the face.
    In another of his rages a couple of weeks ago, I was told to get my car washed because it lowers the tone of the school car park. I live in the countryside, therefore I have a dirty car for about 8 months of the year!
    Give some people a little bit of power...

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