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Whats the worst names you've been called?

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Autumn-mum, May 17, 2007.

  1. Ceri EB

    Ceri EB New commenter

    In my first term as an NQT, a pupil shouted out to another who I was (admittedly) shouting at: 'Smack the f***ing c***').

    I was very recently called a PILF and TILF too (Person I'd like to f***/Teacher I'd like to f***). As far as I'm aware SMT did nothing about the latter comments :(

    Thankfully, direct attacks are quite rare. The disturbing/welcome thing is I'm not that bothered by kids swearing at me anymore. I assume they just can't express their frustration in any other way (but do get rid of them out of the classroom). The sexual comments still worry me though...
  2. I have suffered racism (I am mixed race), nasty comments about my size and the way I look. I have been told that I am boring and one girl said she would happily dance at my grave......I have screamed and cried and a few years ago took a few years out with depression. And yet I have come back to teaching because for some reason I can't help but care about the kids that I teach.

    It is absolutely shocking that we have to put up with being treated in this way. If it was an adult saying these things to us we would be able to defend oursleves and/or retaliate appropriately! My PT is great and helps all she can, but how do you really 'punish' someone for making deeply personal comments. I find it embarrassing.

    It is a shame for the genuinely great kids that they are overshadowed by others' behaviour. They are the ones that I think about in my black moments when I have had a bad day and am considering a career change!
  3. I work in Primary PRU. Called a fat wrinkly slag I am 53 so the wrinkly bit was alright however I am still a regular size 8 and proud of it. Directly following this was kicked and punched. Removed shoes were returned by me and the child then thanked me politely before telling me to **** off to hell and die before leaving the building. Just another day in paradise.
  4. hamjam

    hamjam New commenter

    I was called a 'Ginger ****' on Thursday outside of school. My hair is 'bronze' anyway. Talking about names, please read my post titled 'Advice Please'.

    Peace x
  5. To K Forde May 17th.) I would say the most dignified response to any bad language that avoids confrontation and demonstrates unconditional positive regard from the adult would have to be either
    "We only use polite language in our school, thanks." and then and walk away.

    "I don't use use language like that to you so please don't use it with me, thanks." (Bill Rogers)

    It seems to me that most of the postings on this subject are from colleagues who do not have a good understanding of student/child development, behaviour management/ emotional literacy. Perhaps you should approach your senior managers and explore the possibilty of a training session or two on using positive assertive language in the classsroom?

    Jane Agard
    Specialist Teacher Behaviour, Cog+Learning
  6. I've been called a fat B****, a **** ('*****' in Spanish), and just plain fat. A raised eyebrow and an 'Excuse me?' for swearing has become enough with most of my students for them to apologise. A few times I've made them write out every swear word they could think of, then look them up, write out the complete definition, and come up with six or seven alternatives for those words. My school has a very strict behaviour policy (well, we're an iner-city PRU, so we have to), and the students respond well to it. We just don't have the swearing problems I've read about here.

    Aspersions cast on my appearance don't faze me. My students think they're challenging my authority when they call me fat or tell me I have a spot on my face? Silly children. That doesn't hurt my feelings. I am fat. And sometimes I do have a spot on my face. But it's still rude to point out, so a detention and a public apology will follow.

    The worst thing I've been called is a racist, and that led to a week-long lesson on what racism is, how being strict is not racist, even if I am the only white face in the room, and if I hated Mexicans, I probably would not have moved to Texas. THEN apologies came forth, the kids acquired a touch more knowledge.

    Word always gets out--you just don't talk like that in Miss's class.

    I wonder how it will work when I start teaching in Bedfordshire this fall.
  7. I'm reading all these swear word experiences not knowing whether to laugh or cry. In the 19 years that I've been teaching in Madrid I've only been called a "*****'s daughter" by an adopted Russian boy - he got expelled! Oh the joys of teaching in the private sector!
  8. I'm gonna spoil your mum.........

    is one of my faves.

    but the best one I know is this one
    a kid in year 11 said to a very thick kid in my form who had said he was a ******.. his reply was, well your mum in Gordon Brown..... it blew the kids mind
  9. After completing my GTP training, I walked straight into a job at my local primary school. There I was met by an autistic boy in my class who seemed reasonably 'normal'. Being quite lively in nature when I teach, he said to me at the end of the day 'You're like Peter Kay you are.......BUT NOT FUNNY!'

    I replied with 'So you are saying I'm fat and from Bolton then???' - we've been on good terms ever since! :eek:)
  10. While at an American Summer camp was called a "c*ck sucking, mother f***ing, two balled b**ch" - seems to cover most things.
  11. I've been told to '**** off and die in a hole' and been called a 'menopausal tw*t' (I'm 26!). Both cases dealt with by SMT and now both students treat me with much (ok, a bit) more respect - one of them may even have learnt what the menopause actually is.... Maybe that's hoping for too much??
  12. just last week i was called a F***ing c**t. And today i got called a F**king *****. oh the joys of teaching
  13. zenmonkey

    zenmonkey New commenter

    I'm a supply teacher and work in lots of 'challenging' institutions and so have heard just about every possible swear word imaginable in numerous combinations. My favourite was a year 7 pupil at a EBD unit who called me: 'You fat goggly c**t!' I kept poker faced and the child was made to apologise, but I laugh every time I think of it, it's the juxtaposition of the childish and the obscene.
  14. Miss? Why can't you control your class? Is it because you have a c**t for a brain?

    Is your mum a ***** as well?

    You shouldn't have come in today should you?

    (In response to being asked to move seats)
    Who the **** do you think you are b***ch?

    I have also been punched ('by accident'). The student was not dealt with, instead SMT brought shamefaced student in and asked me 'are you ready to make a fresh start with so and so...?'

    Am leaving profession.

  15. I work in an EBD school, so this is typical of the verbal abuse staff are exposed too...

    I've been called ' Fu....g C..t, **** (i'm Asian)*****, ****, slag, go back where you come from, and every other name under the sun!!
  16. I am in my NQT year and I have been called every name under the sun, most popular is f**king c**t, but that is not as bad as the violence and they are only 5 years old. Kids can get away with so much now adays.
  17. I was head of year and following a group of my lads out after an assembly on making sensible choices and setting good examples. One of them called out acroos the street to his friend "mother****er!", so I pulled him over and asked whether it was his mother he was ****ing, and perhaps if he didn't want people to think he was talking from personal experience in the furure he should tone it down a bit.....naughty, but very amusing!

    Other than that I think the most expressive abuse I have ever had was in a PRU and said with real venom "**** off TEACHER!"
  18. Got called a "stupid Irish Tw*t" once, found it hillarious since im welsh.
  19. I have found the most appropriate come back to these remarks is to phone the parent and quote (with full language) exactly what their child has said to you, the shock and unexpected retort is usually enough to kick the parents up the backside and issue some sort of discipline.
    Failing that, ask the pupil to write down exactly what they said, then send it home with their report.
  20. I get called Goth and Emo all the time by kids, which I don't mind as it's mostly the goth and emo kids who say it to me and it's all friendly! lol

    I have had the 'Bitc*' comment a couple of times but usually under their breath after a severe telling off.

    I think it's shocking and disgusting the abuse that some people ahve had to put up with and I'm not suprised that some people have chosen to leave the profession! If you worked in a bank or a shop and someone spoke to you like that there would be massive conciquences, wouldn't there?!?!

    So why are we jsut expected to take it because we are teachers?!

    I did get called a fu*king miserable c**t because I told a girl to go outside of my classroom at breaktime!! I didn't even teach her!! She got excluded for a day I think.

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