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Whats the worst names you've been called?

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Autumn-mum, May 17, 2007.

  1. I used to work in a unit for disturbed young people. Needless to say they could dish out verbal abuse pretty freely.

    A 'young man' once shouted across a class at me 'I bet you **** horses'. I replied 'What I do in my private life is entirely my business'.

    When I was called a f***in ***** I used to say 'I never accept money for sex'

    This usually got a laugh from the other kids and made me feel less bothered by the remarks.
  2. In one yr 10 lesson yesterday I got called

    a hooker
    an alcoholic
    and I was told that I only go to the gym so I can eat more food.

    They are such a delightful bunch!

  3. Names are always 'fun', but if you are being abused by the little lovelys and SMT are doing nothing I have two strategies that have worked well:

    1. Call the parents and repeat verbatim what little Johnny said - no parent likes to get a call from school, even if they aren't 100% supportive.

    2. Send a letter out saying 'in my class today little Johnny said ******* *****. This is clearly unacceptable and I would like you to reinforce this with little Johnny..... - parents might not mind, but school will comment if you start costing too much postage!
  4. The week before last, I had a Year 8 girl standing in front of me f-ing and blinding at me for 6 minutes because I would not let her go to bathroom 8 minutes before the end of the lesson, (school rules). She was put on a day's internal exclusion, made to come and apologise to me (not arrived yet)and her parents called in. The parents said "Oh, you have to understand that she had had a bad experience with lice because her brother had been infected once, and some students had said that Mr (me) was infected with lice, so she wanted to go to the bathroom to check her hair". Reasonably well-to-do middle-class parents.

    With this sort of response from parents, who can wonder at the language of the children?

    As suggested by one of your contributors to this topic, school is nowadays the only place where children can abuse, insult and threaten other citizens with relative impunity. I have been called about 20% of the abusive names reported in your correspondence over 20 years of teaching EXCEPT BY SLOVACIAN, POLISH, RUSSIAN, AFRICAN, FRENCH, THAI, CHINESE AND OTHER EX-PAT STUDENTS. I taught for 6 years in Botswana and never had a student abuse me once (it is illegal, actually).
  5. captain scarlet

    captain scarlet Established commenter

    I was once told to **** off, so i turned and said, did you just tell me to **** off? (this in front of the class by the way) The lad then went all sheepish like.
    You don't tell me to **** off I said, you'r comming with me, and marched him direct to head of department. (after leaving class instructions to continue from the book).
    Never had any trouble since.
  6. sagramor - yours made me laugh

    I've been called so many names I can't even remember them all - that's why I'm getting a job teaching in a private international school in Thailand cos I've had enough of it. I'm getting too old for all this abuse.
    I like the fact that lots of people make funny comments back - it kind of diffuses it but the kid should still be punished
  7. I teach in a fairly well-off area and while working in reception a little boy who didn't want to sit and listen to the story said...

    "You are a horrid, beastly lady!"

    Tame in comparison to the area I was brought up in!
  8. While I have been sitting here chuckling at the (very)few hilarious insults and equally witty retorts posted here, I begin to feel a little sick. I am currently completing the final 3 weeks of my PGCE and am all set to start my NQT yr in July.
    I have experienced the bad language and the insults (some extremely hurtful) and have had to force myself to go in somedays, I am however proud that I have stuck it out, have never cried (in school) and am still alive.

    It is so upsetting that pupils think that they can treat other human beings in such a way. I have recently made the decision to complete my NQT year and another 3 years in the UK then I am going to emigrate.

    I cannot stand the thought of teaching in a country where there is a good chance some of your pupils will end up shot or stabbed to death. It sickens me that the government have allowed the country to get into this state.

    As for parents, It is my view that the majority of teenagers should be sterilised to prevent the spawning of drug abusing thugs and criminals across the UK. The attitude of some of the Yr8 parents I had the displeasure of meeting a few weeks ago simply confirmed this.

    On a separate subject:

    This ones a thinker-
    I teach textiles and was going through a pupils sketchbook to check his design work, He has designed a t-shirt and bandanna that is emblazoned with BNP, BNP, BNP, BNP, BNP- very simple design to say the least. My first action was to double check the pupils name- to see if by some coincidence his initials match those of the political party, they dont. It did however, shock me that the pupil who did the design is in fact a Muslim. I questioned a colleague and she had seen the design and asked the pupil why he put it. He replied 'I was born in britain and I am proud to be British'- Fair point. The problem is- the school is 98% muslim, this child intends to make his t-shirt a reality and has his fabric crayons at the ready. Do I take away his freedom of speech and request that he does not use the design? Will it be assumed that a white child has made it if seen by other staff? If a white child had done the design would I automatically say they cant do it? DILEMMA!

    Replies would be appreciated!
  9. Nice! I am about to go into PGCE MFL training Sept 2008. Any advice about how to deal with the insults when it happens and after reading this I know it will!.Oh yes secondary schools!. I can feel your sympathy! another one bites the dust!.

  10. teaching at Secondary level.

    so far I have not been called anything worse than 'lame' or 'harsh' although I have heard a few choice words aimed at each other (when they think I can't hear...)
    When I have been called to challenge a students language I generally say 'oh dear - that's not very nice is it?' and give them a patent Paddington bear stare - or just bellow 'LAAANGUUUAGEEEE!' as I cruise past - sometimes 'the look' is enough. :)

    (no I am not that old - I just try to maintain that 'distinctly an adult' air as I swoosh around.)

    my game plan is not to tolerate any swearing aimed at me - and respond with something inventive in the way of punishment.

    as a Parent of an occasional outburst (anger management sessions have helped a lot) I was very distressed to get a phone call from a teacher to tell me my child had sworn at her and stomped out of the classroom - after apologizing for my child and saying it won't go unpunished I asked where my child was. She couldn't tell me. I asked how long ago this had happened - she said a couple of hours and that she had not turned up to afternoon registration. I repeated my question - was my child safe? She couldn't tell me.
    I needed to know if I should start a manhunt - but the teacher just went on about how my child had called her something F-s-ish*. Yes My Child had/has SEN issues with anger - no that's no excuse - but what about the duty of care?

    As a Teacher myself or not I would have felt justified complaining about this to her head teacher - I didn't as she was an NQT and everyone deserves a break but people - spare a thought for the parents before you call home and be ready with all the info. so you don't end up looking amateurish and stand a chance of getting the back up we all deserve from the parental units of these little treasures...

    * for the curious among you she said 'you are a f-in s- teacher anyway - I'm out of here.' for which she was punished at home (no social life for a fortnight) and made to write an apology letter to both the teacher concerned and the school. - I don't actually think she had any sanctions imposed on her at school, which is the really sad end to this tale of woe.
  11. adsa

    adsa New commenter

    A pupil in my class walked up to me and asked "Miss, what colour is your anus?"...

    Took me a few seconds of horror to realise he meant the planet -lol!
  12. I teach at the school my daughter used to attend and a few years ago she was really upset when a disgruntled pupil said I was a (to quote my 10 year old) a stupid FB! When I discovered that it was f***ing rather than fat I was quite relieved!! Actually that's the only time she was ever troubled by having me on the staff.

    On another occasion a friend's child who knew me by my first name said "Do you know what they call you at school?" With a sinking heart I shook my head and she said "Mrs ...". Phew!
  13. hahahah
    chica77 i loved your post...esp when you said you are a *****..good one.
    this is my first post on here ever and reading this thread i think it excellent..lol

    So far i have not been called anything (well not to my knowledge)
    they have told me i am so down to earth..is that polite for being common.
    Was told to **** off but i just replied sorry i am too busy..it shut him up and the class were amused and accepted me after that. it was a tough school too.
  14. I've never been called anything in 4 years - am I just lucky or out of earshot!!!
  15. "you're a Fxxking *******"
    Did not make much sense to me.
  16. sam enerve

    sam enerve New commenter

    Was once called a "f*cking cockney b*st*rd" by a student, to which I replied, "Don't you ever call me a cockney again!" The rest of the class thought it was really funny, the naughty boy went crimson.
  17. Been calles all sort, often involving a a sexual organ. One of the most imaginative was a 'f*ing tranny' a few weeks ago. Perhaps I should consider giving up cross dressing.
  18. coolpinkbarbie

    coolpinkbarbie New commenter

    On my very first lesson as an NQT I asked if anyone had a question and a girl put up her hand and asked me "Miss do you use vibrators?". I also love the "god i wish I had my old teacher back" comments!
  19. We had a child a couple of years ago who we all reckon was the inspiration for Catherine Tate's Lauren.
    She'd come from a different part of the country ( and very possibly another planet)and introduced herself to to class as " I'm xxxxxx can't read, can't write, do fxxk all and hate fxxxxxg school.
    She then later told one teacher that he was an evil ****** and when asked why she said " oh I wasn't having a go you're not as bad as Mr. X cos' he's a tight ******* "
    The day she brought her mobile into school and had it confiscated we were all tempted to record a video/ voicemail saying ARE WE BOVVERED DO OUR FACES LOOK BOVVERED !!!

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