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Whats the worst names you've been called?

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Autumn-mum, May 17, 2007.

  1. nothing to compare with you loy as I work in nusery but have been called a c**t by a 3 year old and told to **** off by same child. He did have serious problems and in the end got help to deal with anger.
  2. 'You've got **** flaps like John Wayne's saddle'


    'Go and dig your Granny up and shag her'

    or (and you may wish to lookaway now)

    'I licked the blood from your mother's c***'
  3. Have read most of the posts but havent yet come across my 'favourite' insult. As a head of a very challenging primary school where the nursery pupils came in swearing, I walked into the secretary's office one day to find her purple-faced with rage. A year 3 pupil had been sent in from the yard from a tennis coaching session. He was a in a thoroughly bad mood and had called her a 'Fanny Scratcher'. He was eventully excluded permanently. Never heard this insult since
  4. As it was such a tough place to work in, it made us staff very close. We partied together, we holiday together, we laughed together at the pupils' outrageous behaviour-always afterwards, and we worked together as a team to try hard and develop the children as sociable, respectful, civil human beings as their parents never would. We adults still communicate with each other and begin the address with 'how you doing, you old scratcher!'
  5. F**king annoying b**ch
    **** off b**ch
    stupid cow

    and several more like it....
    Same girl called me the 1st two on at least 3 or 4 occasions (excluded for 3 days everytime); she graduated to telling me to **** off (still got excluded for 3 days!). I taught her for nearly 2 yrs... she left before the very end of yr 11 (bout feb time) as she was pregnant!.

    The other two I gave the parent a phone call home placed child in a detention where they had to write an A4 page explaining why they thought I was a stupid cow or in the other case a b**ch. Parent was then given a couple of the explanation. Last time either called me names!!! LOL
  6. rosaespanola

    rosaespanola New commenter

    The kids who are all "f***ing this, f***ing that" are just boring and predictable. My favourite trick is to take them down to the departmental office and make them wait right outside, pretend to phone their parent and say "this is xxx's teacher, I'm afraid he/she has been shouting really abusive things at me. I don't want to repeat the words myself so I'm going to put them on so they can tell you what they've said", then I call them in and say "it's your mum, tell her what you've just said to me. Oh, you won't? Why won't you repeat it?" and inevitably the kid mutters something about how they'll be in massive trouble. "So you do know it's wrong to say things like that to people then?" says me, smugly. And then I send them back to the lesson and actually ring their parent at the next available opportunity.
    I have actually repeated word for word what a kid said to me once. The parent wanted to know exactly what they'd said...they were appalled when I, in a deadpan tone, told them.

    I'm much more in favour of the comedy insults. My Y9s are currently very keen on ordering people to "suck a fart" in response to being told to do something they don't want to. The adjective "soggy" has also replaced "that's gay" (thankfully!) as the criticism of choice, to be applied to worksheets, lessons, teachers or anything else that doesn't meet their approval.
    Nothing beats the time when a Y8 lad squared up to my HoD a while ago and said "you just think you're hard COS YOU'VE GOT A MOUSTACHE"...that's our departmental favourite this year!
  7. BigFrankEM

    BigFrankEM Established commenter

  8. I asked a boy to tuck in his shirt. He refused. When I asked why he said..................................
    "Because you're fat!"

    I almost added at least I'm not ugly.
  9. Ellis78

    Ellis78 New commenter

    A similar one to JRTowner;

    At the end of a very hectic week in school and with my patience wearing very thin - when asked to introduce his tie to his collars a year 11 lad said;

    "Why don't you introduce your body to a diet, fat ****?"

    Not giving a damn about the consequences or the 5 friends stood with him in the corridor I replied;

    "I'm only like this because everytime I **** your mum she gives me a biscuit!"

    The look on the boys face and the noise of his friends screaming in laughter made my year!

    Needless to say nothing came of it!!!
  10. Seen by a colleague....

    Deputy head marching a child down the corridor saying quite matter of factly "Well I may well be a w*nker but you are not allowed to call me one"

    tee hee..
  11. I don't think I've ever been called a name to my face except for 'posh'
  12. In my probationary year a third year boy told me he was going to "kick my fu**ing **** in."

    When I was a student teacher the class clown kept trying to disrupt me during the lesson. He started to yell "Ow cramps, cramps!" So I replied "I don't need to know about your period cramps Kyle" All the girls in the class started laughing which shut him up for the rest of the day. He even gave me a compliment later saying he thought I was funny, and I didn't get any trouble from him after it.
  13. Pleasant YrR boy called me a 'f.... fat slag' in between trashing the classroom. Whilst removing him (with positive handling techniques - 2 adults holding a leg and arm each!) he continued he was going to 'stab me up'. Colleagues were genuinely upset for me adding 'Fat, how rude!'
  14. never been sworn at till a couple of weeks ago....

    "fu*cking pu*ssyhole" and "fu*cking dic*khead"

  15. BigFrankEM

    BigFrankEM Established commenter

    Still sick.
  16. sam enerve

    sam enerve New commenter

    a colleague once called me "Duncan"
  17. eha


    'never been sworn at till a couple of weeks ago....'

    Blimey. Where do you teach--- Convent of Contemptlatives, St Kilda?

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