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What's the worst feedback you've ever been given in an Interview?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Kat Harwood, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. During an interview, the head informed me that he didn't like me Told me I made a load of mistakes and started shouting at me! I was so intimidated that I withdrew my application, that night I got a phone call from the Head of Department telling me how sorry they were that I withdrew, that I would have been perfect for the school but that I was an asset to the teaching profession.
    In another interview, I was suffering with the flu, soldiered through the lesson but was confident that it was going well! They came into the room before the interview and said they'd made a descision without interviews, based solely on the lessons! When I asked for feedback, I was told "It was down between you and this other person and we didn't think it'd be fair to put you through the interview, we know you're not well and besides we didn't want an NQT."
  2. I was told that the other girl hadn't turned up so they would have to take me!
    When I had been there 3 weeks they called me in and apologised for saying this and said that I had proved myself in those three weeks but I had not interviewed well!!
  3. gregodowd

    gregodowd New commenter

    A deputy head pleaded that he didn't like giving feedback because he found it difficult and could he just ley me I hadn't got the job. Charming. I said no I wanted the feedback. He was half way through giving the feedback when I felt sorry for him because he kept sighing and saying 'this is so difficult'. I thought he was going to cry so I ended his misery and let him go.
  4. gregodowd

    gregodowd New commenter

    A deputy head pleaded that he didn't like giving feedback because he
    found it difficult and could he just let me know that I hadn't got the job.
    Charming. I said no I wanted the feedback. He was half way through
    giving the feedback when I felt sorry for him because he kept sighing
    and saying 'this is so difficult'. I thought he was going to cry so I
    ended his misery and let him go.
    Posted this again due to to poor spelling first time round!
  5. I was told that I was the second in line for the job, and but for the other candidate I would have got it. The other candidate accepted the job, and then cancelled on them a week later! I knew people in the school, so I spent a couple of days thinking that I would be getting a phone call soon...the job was given to a pair of job-share teachers instead!
    I also hate it when schools are too lazy to send constructive feedback on application forms and send out a copied sheet of common errors which clearly don't apply to that application that I sent in.
  6. My first ever interview I got told

    "on paper you look great, in reality you're ****" Those were the actual words used. At the time I was gutted, cried on the bus all the way back to my then boyfriends flat.

    As it turns out, knowing what I know now, it was a **** interview, I wouldn't have employed me either LOL I got my job at my next interview and have been there ever since.

    The way the feedback was delivered was harsh, but it didnt half give me a kick up the ***.

    H x
  7. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Oh, I was also once told "We've decided to have your friend Dave instead, he's got a lot more to offer. His lesson was great!"

    Hmmm - I didn't do a lesson because they'd invited me during half term! What's more, they had forgotten to arrange an interview panel so I wasn't even interviewed! I had to phone them to find the outcome (as they'd not bothered to phone when they said they would).
    Best out of there methinks.
  8. At my first ever interview I was told "You need to develop confidence and stop sounding apologetic about yourself. How can you make us believe in you, when it doesn't sound as though you believe in your own ability to do the job." Ouch, but true, and made me realise how much my chronic shyness was stopping me from getting out and doing things.
  9. Lila, I had one school that never had the courtesy to phone to tell me I hadn't been successful. Not that I wanted to work in a school where one of the questions from the panel was "so when do you think you are going to start a family then?". The red pen was drawn through my application the moment I said "That isn't relevant, and I don't believe I have to answer questions of a personal nature." [​IMG]
  10. This thread has made me feel so much better after being turned down for a job yesterday - and yes, the internal candidate did get it!
  11. Natsy, your experience reminds me of when I applied for a job at my local college about 2 years ago (I say about because the college has advertised at least 7 different posts since I qualified in 2005. I know because I applied for them) when I didn't even get calle to interview. A teacher friend of mine who also applied and got shortlisted told me that despite the huge number of applicants (including a shortlised one who apparently travelled down from Leicester), the post was offered to an internal candidate......
    Who rejected it! :(
  12. Called not calle
    Btw, Dublinlass, the interviewees you mentioned were being very cheeky and acting illegally as you know, so good on you for refusing to answer the question.
  13. Interviewers not inetrviewees. What on earth is wrong my fingers this afternoon, I ask?!
  14. I think that my fingers are jinxed because I keep making errors and forgetting to use the preview button to check and correct them before posting. GRRRRRRRRRRR! Why can't the TES forum do what yahoo answers does (Yahoo answer messages come up as previews before being posted)?
  15. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    If an internal candidate rejects a job then you know you are pretty much better off not getting it!

    For my current job, I was interviewed alongside 2 other internal candidates: myself (on maternity cover at the time, applying for a permanent post), another supply teacher (also covering maternity) and the department's GTP student who had been there all year in additiona to having worked at the school as a TA before doing her GTP.
    Whoever didn't get it was obviously going to be very upset; it wasn't advertised externally, which I think is allowed if the current teachers have been employed for a certain amount of time on a temporary basis...but not sure.
    Anyway, myself and the other maternity cover lady got it; the GTP student missed out. They watched us all teach an exemplar lesson, rather than going on their existing knowledge. I happen to know that the GTP student over-ran her lesson (we had 30 minutes each and she ate into my time, she was still tidying up her resources whilst I was beginning my lesson) and she didn't do too well on the interview. Fortunately, she went on to find and good job at another school, getting the job at the very next interview she had - she is a wonderful teacher (I observed her myself during the year) but the school operated on a "What you do on the day is what we're judging" policy, which was fair, I thought.
    Still, telling that poor girl that she hadn't got the job must have been really difficult, especially since we'd all worked with the HOD and had a good relationship with the department AND the fact that the GTP student had to continue working there for another half-term after not being appointed. I felt dreadful too as I knew she really loved the school, but every (wo)man for her/himself....
  16. Thanks Icemario. Think your fingers are suffering from weekend strike syndrome.
  17. Looking back, the LEA adviser type person who was there should never have allowed that question to be asked. Or should have stopped it in its tracks.
  18. LOL! Jobseeker strike syndrome in my case! :) I totally agree with you!
  19. outrageous question! I always thought they were not allowed to ask questions like that. I would have replied "Before I reply, can you please tell me if you are you asking the same question of the male applicants?"
  20. They aren't allowed to. They wouldn't take no for an answer and tried to probe with a follow-up question. I answered every other question with very short answers and got away from there very very quickly.

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