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What's the worst feedback you've ever been given in an Interview?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Kat Harwood, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. And don't even get me started on this whole day interview.
  2. Once drove from NW down to Exeter and back in a day to attend an interview. When I arrived there were two candidates, me and a lady who was warmly greeted by name as she walked into the staffroom- an internal candidate. Her interview was twice as long as mine and I sat outside listening to them all laughing together in the interview room! The secretary was embarrassed! Guess what? I didn't get the job. I felt like they'd invited me just as 'a body'! Needless to say i claimed all my mileage from them.

    I was once told I 'almost seemed to know too much' in interview feedback by a governor. When i crossly said that i felt insulted by that comment and would like her to elaborate she apologised and said she couldn't! Weird. God i hate interviews, I kicked over a glass of water in one once as my leg was shaking so much.
  3. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Agh! The internal candidate....

    once shortlisted for post, with 2 other candidates. The post was SEN and own subject...I was Maths, One candidate was Art, Final candidate was an internal candidate and her subject was English...Tour of building included walk through a corridor - 'ummm math rooms are here'; walk past a set of stairs..'Art department is up there' and a full tour of English department where Year 7 greeted English candidate by name and showed us the display that Miss*** had done with them on the wall!

    Guess who got the post? (And it wasn't me or the Art candidate!)
  4. I find many do not want to take on people who wish to complete their induction. They are becoming very few where I am.

    i was shortlisted with one who worked there regularly, I was sure she would get it, but they gave it to someone, the only candidate not to need to complete induction,

    Make it god damn mandatory I say that all schools offer it. If all new teachers have to complete it then all state schools should offer it.

    Rant over.

  5. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    Mrs60's internal candidate story is of the time she she interviewed for a job where the candidate after her turned up with her baby, got kissed by everyone in the office and then left the baby with the secretary while she had her interview.

    It's sickening especially if you've given up a day's pay and travelled for it.
  6. paladinStand

    paladinStand New commenter

    Worst feedback - We could give you this job, but you'd kill yourself.

    I've also been told that I was too "cerebral" and wasn't warm enough. In my defence, I'm not sure that dumbing down an interview with 2 HTs and 2 FHs would have been a grand idea.

    I didn't receive feedback for an Independent school, but I knew that it was because I wasn't as experienced as other candidates. It was a good interview, and they quite liked me. I taught a lesson at my school, travelled about 100 miles on the train, taught an interview lesson there, was interviewed and then went back down to my own school for Parents' Night.

    One school changed their requirements between application and interview, but said in feedback "You did well, and keep reading the TES" which I took as a bit of a nudge/wink that there would be another job that they wanted me for. I interviewed for that a few months later and in feedback they said that they were impressed but "I'll tell you who got the job - it was this man" and then named him. He wrote textbooks and was a maven in the subject, so he would have been able to pick whatever job he wanted.

    I was a bit disappointed, but I got a better job only a few weeks later. I was interviewed on my last day of supply at a school (they gave me a 2 week trial which they extended to four weeks. At the end of the third week, they told me that they were getting in somebody else. I hadn't failed the trial, but they wanted to see what another candidate could do.) I'm quite glad to be shot of them.
  7. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    i was interviewed for a job where one candidate didnt even bother to turn up, or ring to say they weren't coming. my feedback was that i was 'unprofessional' but HT could not explain that one. job was readvertised 1 week into the next term. i was later told by a colleague that she hadn't even applied for the job because she knew the HT...

  8. impis

    impis New commenter

    I've had lots of excuses, ranging from:
    1. YOu are too qualified.
    2. You are underqualified.
    3. You are too experienced.
    4. You don't have enough experience.
    [they all actually meant to say 'You're too expensive']

    I once applied to be an AIDs outreach worker. I was told that i didn't get the job as I was 'too well brought up' - a 'lady' and they didn't think that I would easily be accepted by the types of people i would be working with. [Homeless]. They said that they didn't think that I would cope with the rough language [swearing].
    That one made my friends laugh. ALOT!

  9. learningyoghurt

    learningyoghurt New commenter

    In fairness, I am usually a terrible interviewee and certainly was on this occasion. It was for my first teaching post and they basically hustled me out of the door halfway through the interview without any feedback whatsoever. I suspect that they thought I'd be able to work out just how *** I was on my own!
    It was probably fair, but it wasn't kind.

  10. I too am hopeless at interview - ridiculously nervous etc, but was once told that I hadn't got the job but "We wanted you to know that we think you are really nice"...
    What on earth do yousay to that? -I was speechless for months afterwards!!

  11. In one school when the "lady" called me to come for an interview she said and I quote as it is etched on my memory "We don't really want you but everyone on the shortlist already has a job, but can you come for an interview?"

    I sometimes see her on coordinator seminars and still have the urge to poke her very hard in the eye! Lol

  12. A few years ago I applied for a permanent job in a school I'd been working in temporarily for about 6 weeks, as did another girl. There were about 8 candidates in total. Just before the others arrived, the HR person told me and the other girl not to let on to the other candidates that we had been working for the school, as they wanted all the candidates to feel on an equal footing. Accordingly we played along and just said we had been working elsewhere when asked directly by the others. However, about halfway through the tour of the school, the HR person told the other candidates (with us both there) that we had both been working for this school for the last 6 weeks, basically making us look like complete liars!! Then to add insult to injury, neither of us got the job. Apparently I came across as "too ambitious".
  13. I was once turned down for a job because I didn't smile enough!
  14. I once had a phone call telling me that the job went to a the more experienced candidate but that I had really lovely shiny hair and could I tell them what conditioner I use!
  15. It wasn't so much what was said but what was done... one interviewer fell asleep during the interview and then refused to shake my hand when I was leaving at the end when she (finally) woke up. I later found out that she (allegedly) believed that men should not work in primary schools, hence the treatment.

  16. I had a similar experience in an interview where the headteacher kept on yawning and very rudely interrupting me. It wasn't like as though I kept blabbing on, he just didn't give me the chance to elaborate what I had to say. When I was teaching even he interrupted and said you've got about 3 minutes left when they were 15 minutes late coming into observe. The reason why I didn't get the job was because I didn't have enough experience, the other person had more experience. If this was the reason I didn't understand why they called up an NQT for the interview, they might as well have not called me up for the interview.
  17. I once went to an interview where we had to teach a lesson in a room where this one teacher (the one who was leaving) was sitting in the room at her desk at the front and painting her own picture with all her paraphenalia spread around her. The others doing the interviewing were giving all us interviewees 'knowing' apologetic looks. The woman was scowling that she was being interrupted by us in her room and was not going to move. She was very rude, saying that we had to 'mind' her wet work. Each person had about half an hour to teach in the class and each of us afterwards talked about how we'd all had her been awful to us. Also, we had resource boards as you do with art interviews -a nd we had nowhere to put them because this woman's wet work was everywhere. So we couldn't teach from the front of the class and she had the room like her own studio. Each one of us DID go into the room, put down our work and immediately get shouted at for putting it down on top of something of hers which was wet. My hard work was covered in her wet oil paint and I was scowled at throughout my lesson by this woman - the exact same scene was described by each of the other candidates.
    I've never known a circus like that. I didn't get that job.
  18. I've learned that whatever they tell you when you don't get the job, it's generally an untruthful platitude. I've been told on several occasions that "You were brilliant and the panel were really impressed." but still not got the job, because, of course, I was up against Superwo/man.

  19. I agree. I swear I can spot who will get the job within about half an hour of arriving. You can just see by the eye contact who's got it.
  20. I have been lucky in that I have only ever had 2 interviews which i didn't get.
    the first was an internal position which i had been acting in for the past term. i was told that I didn't get the post (despite already doing it) because I looked worn out and they thought they I could do with less responsibility so I wouldn't wear myself out. Of course I was worn out, I was the only member of the faculty not supply, I had to set my cover and all the other lessons cover that morning before the interview and still had to teach my first lesson on the day.
    the second one was in another school and I was told that they liked my and my ideas for the developement of the subject but they don't like their studetns to be out of thier seats during lessons and prefer a more calm environment - how boring!!!

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