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What's the worst feedback you've ever been given in an Interview?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Kat Harwood, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. Last year Ienquired about a job at a school not far away and was told (very politely) that they were looking for an experienced teacher rather than an NQT as there were a few "characters" in that class.

    Roll on the new school year yes, one of those delightful children has moved house - no prizes for guessing who gets him in her class?!!

    (And yes, I can see why they wanted an experienced teacher - I learned a LOT last year...)
  2. WD

    WD New commenter

    I never accept feedback on job failure-it is utterly pointless.
  3. What comfort can you offer Ronan to those of us for whom things haven't worked out? As I have mentioned earlier I took the wrong job after 2 years of part time and temporary contracts made me panic into accepting something I knew was the wrong place for me.

    I have never been out of work for very long but I have never got a job I really wanted even when I was working in a place and felt & been told I had done a good job. The latter has happened to me in three institutions now.
  4. I get abso;utely fed up with people telling me that there's a job for me somewhere, try telling that to my bank manager. I want to work and have to go through the humiliation of being invited for interview only to fail and be told, 'So and so has more experience in the field than you'. Why did they invite me for interview in the first place then?
  5. miz


    I was told I was too young to have a degree and that I was obviously lying about it - I was 21 at the time of the interview but 22 a week later.

    Same interview I was told I lived too far away and so would not be able to guarantee I could get in on time everyday. (40 mins drive away)

    Same interview I was told that my degree BA(Hons) in Business Education with QTS did not qualify me to teach and that I should do a PGCE before applying for any more jobs.

    Needless to say this totally knocked my confidence, I turned down 2 interviews I had lined up and worked for the next year for £10,500 for a **** mobile phone company

    Now working very happily in teaching after pulling myself together and getting a great job in a lovely school in Derby.
  6. Unless you've been through it yourself, Zahra you have no idea of how humiliated you feel when you don't get a job. In the two years I had post qualification (1980) I applied for over 100 jobs and became what one friend described as "the most interviewed woman in Britain".

    What I have noticed though is the two permanent jobs which I did get I decided I didn't want but went through the interviews anyway and succeeded at those!

    I have about a 90% success rate in predicting who will get any job in a school or college though. I look at the candidates (and if I am involved talk to them too) and think now who's the one I wouldn't appoint? That person invariably gets the job. Characteristics? Always the least intelligent, poorest qualifications, very narrow experience of life, hyper conventional, seems like they'll creep to those in authority and is a general yes person.
  7. As I was saying in my post Elaine, I have been through it so many times. I know just how humiliating it is, particularly when you have been doing the job for 2 terms and they appoint someone from outside who waltzes in with 12 years HoD experience under her belt!! So I have been through this whole experience many times myself.
  8. This interview thing is not confined to schools. In a previous career I was told by one very famous hospital that they didn't have a suitable vacancy at the moment, but would get in touch when they did. True to their word they did offer me a post about four months later, which I took, but the professor rather spoilt it by stating that they would have liked to have offered me the original job I went for, but they wanted a man! (I know I could have complained about that, but the prof was about 70 so I excused him on account of age)Had a happy four years there in the end though so it wasn't all bad, plus I got to do some research work, which the man who got the original post didn't as he was stuck in the routine lab all the time, I had a half and half post which was really good.
  9. People tell me not to take it personally but you can't help but do so, can you Zahra? What I hate is the dishonesty. At one of the institutions where I was working and didn't get a job I later discovered that it was because I had made the "wrong" friend.

    Previous to my arrival there had been serious difficulties in the dept. caused by a new HOD who got up everybody's noses. The woman who I became friendly with had been the "leader" of the resistance to this person but told me absolutely nothing about the disputes until I'd left. But how can you know these things?

    What I feel fed up about is the way I was exploited in all these places. Given to understand that I had an excellent chance of being offered a permanent job and worked my socks off to try to achieve that aim. All to be rejected without any good reason being given.

    At least I have now learned to do the minimum and not to bother applying for jobs anymore because I know it just isn't going to happen and so far there's always been enough work in supply and temp. jobs.

    Last year when a job came up at the selective school I was working in they were v. surprised when I didn't apply. My private thought was no, I am not going to give you the satisfaction of rejecting me.
  10. I seem to remember about 1997 (when I was desperate and I'm now desperate again :-() going to an interview where there was just two applicants, myself and another chap. It was very short notice as I was phoned on the Sunday evening and told to come for an interview the following day. It turned out that the other person knew most of the interviewing panel and so I was doomed from the start. However after lunch the other candidate decided that it was not for him and did not want to be interviewed. I was quite shocked but at the same time quite hopefull.

    A few minutes later one of the interviewers came and told me that the HT would not be interviewing afterall as there was no longer a good selection of choice. You can imagine how it made me feel and still haunts me to this day.

    Now several years later after spending several years in industry running my own business as a consultant manthematical modeller, I'm back to square one. Where did I go wrong?

    Good to read the posts as at least it makes me realise that other people also have similiar experiences and its just not me.
  11. What annoyed me in particular at the last interview I had, was that I had phoned the school to see if I could come for interview at any other time, as I had supply booked for that day, they said No, so I refused the day's work and went to the interview, only to be told that someone with more experience in that work got it. ****** off to say the least, just wish I could claim for a day's supply from the school.
  12. The worst interview experience was back in the early eighties, when i was applying for my first teaching post. At the end of my interview, as I was about to go out of the door, the Head asked me to take out a tray of dirty cups and put it in on a table outside the room. It took a long time for the sting of that humiliation to wear off.
  13. six seconds just isn't enough to impress me Mr Toad!
  14. Just beennturned down by a buiding society for a job as well! Definitely a bottle called for tonight, but I have 2 days supply this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  15. My worst experience:

    Being told that my interview lesson (which I spent hours preparing for, the kids loved etc) was the worst by the head who didn't even observe the lesson. I heard that the git said exactly the same to the other unsuccessful candidates. He didn't even have the decency to give me more detailed feedback saying that I would't have got the job anyway as I didn't have 20 odd years experience. Why bother interviewing NQTs then?

    I give that school the v's everytime I go past it!
    (I got a job in a much better school the next day so HA!)

  16. (and they expected me to pay for my own lunch in the canteen as well)
  17. Yes matt it does help to know others have gone through it too.

    I got rejected a year ago from a public school where I felt I had everything going for me. They asked me to teach a lesson in front of a class I didn't know. I bumped into a boy who'd been in the group who asked if I'd got the job. When I replied no, he said, "But why not? You were easily the best teacher." Was also told that some 6th form parents complained when I wasn't appointed. So you can imagine why I wonder what is wrong with me.
  18. Ever get the feeling it might not be you that's at fault, just the person interviewing needs new glasses and a hearing aid? It is suprising how things seem to fall on deaf ears.

    Turning that on it's head. I was once offered a job, which was lovely...but when they rang and offered it to me, they said that they had decided when they saw me, that they wanted me. I was the first candidate in through the door, I felt awful for the remainder (about 8 others), some had travelled a long way for that job. Unfortunately for them, I had already accepted another job and they had already turned the other applicants down. How stupid was that?!
  19. angiebabe

    angiebabe Occasional commenter

    A male colleague of mine went for an interview for DH after having taught for 4yrs. He said it was for the experience, not expecting to get it.

    He bladdy did get it - sorry, but he was one lazy young man who perhaps looked the part!
  20. 1) "You are too qualified." (Durr, they read my CV, so why interview?)

    2) "I would have given you the job, but the Chair of Governors thought the other candidate was better." From the Headteacher, for ****'s sake.

    3) "You have no experience in this area." So how do I get it then?

    4) "One of the other candidates fitted our criteria better." (That was the NQT, so the criterion was - who's cheapest?)

    5) "You aren't really a specialist are you?" Job asked for ability to teach PE; all three sciences (one to A-level); tutor group; PSHE and numeracy. And they wanted a specialist??

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