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what's the weather like where you are?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by massivegeoff, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Lisbon: blue sky, bout 17, but supposed to between 22-25 for the rest of the week. Jolly nice :) It's getting cooler, but it feels nice!
  2. Still jolly hot in North Africa, in fact, hotter than the hottest it has ever been in the UK. Still need a fan at night to cool me down. Not complaining though, which makes a pleasant change. Another reason for not complaining is that the dad of one of the kids in my class smokes romeo Y julieta, as I do, and so I don't have to worry about running out.

    I'm a thorough reprobate of a teacher, sorry, pedagogist, telling kids in my class that I smoke cigars. I was telling them that the 'churchill' was named after Sir Winston, who was a bit of a puffer himself. I showed kids a 'churchill', as they are not small. They all wanted me to light it up. I would have done as well, but they (the cigars!!!) do smell abit, and some of my colleagues I'm sure would have smelt it and would have felt morally obliged to tell me how 'inappropriate' I was being. My friend from down under reading this. I hope this goes someway to confirm her worries about me as a teacher.

    I also had the audacity to tell the kids what a great man he (Winston Churchill) was, and how he represented the bulldog spirit of never surrender. Churchill had many vices, whilst Hitler actually had very few. Anyhow, getting sidetracked again, the weather here is great, getting better every day.
  3. Shanghai
    Getting worse every day.

    This time last month it was so hot you needed constant AC. Now it's freezing and you need constant heat.

    I hate the weather here. The worst of both worlds.

    2 weeks of "nice" in between sweltering and freezing.
  4. Variable in Hong Kong - over the past few weeks it's been cooling down (thank heaven.... I'm another who hates the heat and humidity) but this past week, we've had temperatures hovering around 20 C, grey skies, and rain - had to start wearing jackets and closed-toed shoes ! For the first time since last March I've been able to sleep without the AC ):

    A nice week coming up - low 20s expected every day.

    Temperature notwithstanding, the pollution remains - I've just checked my seaview and can't see beyond a few hundred feet.
    What we need is a good typhoon to clear the air!

  5. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    We have had a cold snap. Back to about 18 degrees, rain and windy for days. Today was the Melbourne Cup and because the weather was so vile I had to trek around to yasi's school with extra protection and WE MISSED THE RACE. Never missed it before.
  6. Parky would be an extreme understatement and the temperature continues to drop a steady two degrees per day. Well, only another twenty days to go and we are at the estimated rock bottom.
  7. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    V. nippy today (I think about 7 C) here in Istanbul, the North wind has definitely started to blow.

    We've got about another 5 months before things start to brighten up, but then we also have snow days to look forward to!

    Roll on Feb. normally good for at least a full week of stay at home and sit about
  8. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    Well there you go. I never realised it snowed in Istanbul. I have only been there in late September and the weather was perfect. So when it snows, you get to stay home?
  9. zinco

    zinco New commenter

    Mexico - Cold in the morning - warming up at about 10 o'clock with clear views of the volcano's from the classroom. Anything is ok really as we still have one state under water due to the flooding last week. Oh and there was apparently an earthquake last night - but I missed it.
  10. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    Have you been to Istanbul without telling me Yasimum!

    Shame on you, I would have loved to have met you and shown you around.

    Don't come again in Feb though, the first year I was hear the snow must have been nearly 1 metre deep around the school. So school was cancelled as there was no way the buses could get in. Last year was the only year (out of 4) when there haven't been any snow days.
  11. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter


    One important point I neglected to mention; it was September of 1983. My big backpacking adventure around Europe. We went to central Europe and then to the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece. Ah, no responsibilities, no money just pure freedom.

    If I had visited anytime in this millennium I would definitely have looked you up.
  12. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    Utterly fab Victorian evening. Place I mean, not era. The cat splayed to get maximum tum on the cool tiles. 25+ today. Year 12s and 11s all fecked off on exam leave. Archers on the radio. Nearly hot enough for sprog to start summer lifesaving training. Mmmmm.
  13. Teacher2004

    Teacher2004 New commenter

    Its sunny and 20 degrees and its November.

  14. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    It has been really awful weather here. Very cool, windy and rainy. I have had a jacket on for the last week and a half and I don't feel the cold usually. It has just started pouring again. We need the rain badly but I wish it wasn't cold and miserable with it.

    My mother always used to talk about the August winds but I have noticed, because I had my daughter in November and I remember that year well, that it was very windy. Each year when it is birthday party time, again I have noted the wind as it has sometimes cancelled out plans for an outside 'do'. So I reckon November is the windy month here.
  15. sunny and still 40 degrees here, too hot really
  16. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    Another good one: very warm - 25+ with a short thunderstorm, enough to start the crickets off. A real feel of the summer to come. Sitting watching "Rebus" and other cool-climate crime series. Glass of fizzy - sorted.
  17. shadocg

    shadocg New commenter

    27 degrees today - great to walk around in +20 tonight - clear and blue skies. We went out to the desert yesterday and everything was crystal clear in the sunshine...this is the BEST time of year to be in the Magic Kingdom...well, April too.
  18. blue skies; crisp air with a fantastic view of the snowy capped Alps from my home in the Torino foothills as well as on my drive to school and from my classroom as well. Certainly beats the views and weather in the north-east - where I am from and have a home.
  19. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    Another good one. Gave the pool its late spring clean and completley un-eco chemical blitz. Cockatoos going mental overhead.
    Mr P and sprog went snorkelling off the pier at the end of the road - rays, flathead and shoals of something-or-other.
    Back for evening meal in the yard; red fizzy, The Archers; Skype our UK friends' boy's birthday.

    Sorry, this is meant to be about weather: comfortably warm. Got three lines of washing dried today.
  20. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    Are you sure you are in Melbourne? We have had utter **** weather for two weeks now. Hopefully it will settle down next week. Everyone is getting sick here, hot, cold, hot, cold....ah well at least some variation, won't have that soon.

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