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What's the difference between....

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by JRTowner, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. a chiropracter (sp?) and an osteopath?
    I have been having really bad pains in my neck, shoulders and head over the last couple of months and I think it is caused by stress. I know I should go to the docs and get checked so will do so in the new year but have been thinking I possibly need some manipulation.
    So can anyone please advise on the differences and why one is better than the other circumstances depending.

    Thanks very much in advance.

  2. Chiropractor - focus on the joints.
    Osteopath focus on the muscles, ligaments and joints.

    Though I am sure someone will ocrrect me...
    Personally I find osteopath sessions alone too much so would opt for a mix of massage-osteo treatment.
  3. My chiropractor (who i consider to be biased!) told me that osteopathy is a more ancient but less well informed practice.
    Osteopaths make large, more 'physical' adjustments. Chiropractors are qualified to make xrays and osteopaths are not.
    I have to say I found my chiropractor to be very anti-osteopathy , but this only put me off him!
  4. My impression was that
    Chiropracters work on the spine and head and align the bones back to there correct positions.
    Osteopaths focus more on whole body and seem to be a bit more drastic.

    I have had good and bad of both...
    My preference is chiropracters and if possible a McTimmoney traine done as they take more of a whole body approach.
    The osteopath I tried was very firm making sudden adjustments and i left feeling very sore.. i use dto leave my chiropracter feeling much more relaxed..

  5. I suppose it's down to the individual and the complaint which I know is of no help at all! I had a back complaint a while back and was going to a chiropractor for weeks to no avail. I switched to an osteopath and within 48 hours the problem was resolved. I think so much can also depend on the practitioner too as I saw one osteo who was o.k but then the next one I went to was amazing and really sorted me out! It's a tough call....
  6. Thanks for the info guys.
    Think I might start with a chiropractor and see how that goes. Just need to get rid of my stiff and aching neck and shoulders.

  7. If it's just stress related then any kind of massage will help. A beauty therapist would do.
  8. I have seen both for a sore neck. As it was a knotty muscle, massage gave temporary relief from both of them but it was short lived. I felt the osteopath focused on my neck whereas the chiropractor seemed to want to work on the whole body finding all sorts of problems that I didn't know I had and telling me how he managed to sort out these 'problems'.
    A really hard massage gives some limited relief and the best thing I have found is a neck and back massager cushion by homedics. You can move it around to target exactly where you want it and it works as well as either a chiropractor or osteopath.

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