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What's the difference between Reception and Nursery?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by ukchicken, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Just heard my new job will be in Nursery.I'm trained EY teacher, but all my experience is in Reception.
    How is Nursery different to Reception? What should I be thinking about/preparing over the holidays? Any advice on good websites/periodicals etc that could help me? What do I need to find out from the current teachers?
  2. I am the opposite in nursery now, moving to a new job in reception.

    In our nursery class ( school nursery ) we concentrate on PSED and settling in etc initially . The morning is completely freeflow and child led, so teaching is discrete and cross curricula, snack etc is freely available
    The only carpet time we have is after we have tidied up at the end of the session, when we do a story , bit of maths etc.

    I want to know if I should carry on in this way with reception or if I should be more formal ? How do you plan your day ?
  3. clawdeer

    clawdeer New commenter

    I think both need structure and routine, your planning and topics should be led from the children's interests, but the routine should be structured so they knwo what to expect from their day. in nursery i felt i had a lot more freedom to change the timetable as i needed to, to fit in with what we were doing etc. although i did teach a literacy and numeracy carpet session most days in nursery, and these were usually crossed with another area of the curriculum or 5! even a planned playdough activity can cross over all 6 areas!!
    In reception, they also need lots of strcuture, but the formality depends upon your school ethos. we are semi formal, we have a set timetable with pe, ict suite slots timetabled, and literacy, numeracy and phonics is planned and delievered at the same times, so the children know what;s next. the rest of the curriculum is planned for daily and is really led by their interests, we brainstorm a topic together and then see which way it goes.
  4. Hi, I am currently teaching Nursery but taught reception for 4 years previously.
    In Nursery the first 6 weeks should not have any planned adult led activities - should all be child initiated. I still tend to do a quick 10 minute carpet session during the morning where we sing good morning and carry out our helper duties - discuss day, weather and send register to office. I would also have a story at the end of the session. Apart from that it should all be child initiated play to start with. Obviously there is also snack time - i like to have snack time altogether but you could have a rolling snack where children choose when they would like to have their snack during the morning.
    Really important to train children in all the areas during the first few weeks - showing them where resources are so they can access them themselves and also where aprons are etc.

    My nursery time table at the moment (summer term) is:
    8.45 - 10.15 self registration and then CIP indoors and outdoors
    10.15 -10.30 - circle time - good morning song and helper duties for the day along with various other songs.
    10.30-10.45 - small groups - this usually has a PSED, CLL or PSRN focus. could be using a story sack, number games, phonics game, reading a story.
    10.45-11.00 - snack time - we have snack in small groups at tables with key workers - we count children around table who would like snack and then helpers give it out. Good time for building social skills and promote talking. sometimes put objects of interest on tables to promote talk. get great post it observations from this.
    11-11.25 - CIP indoors or outdoors
    11.25-11.45 - circle game, singing and story, home time.

    I have been using this timetable for 4 weeks and is really working for us. Used to tidy up after 30-45 minutes CIP in the morning and stop to do circle time and small group before going back to CIP and then stopping CIP again for snack, however i found we were interrupting some lovely play, so decided to move circle time later in the session and 'chunk' adult led. Helps flow of the morning and children love having uninterrupted play for long period. Really depends on the children.

    Like Reception, you need weekly indoor and outdoor CIL plans covering all the areas of learning - i adapt my plans daily depending on the children's interests.

    I love nursery because you can be so flexible, so do what meets needs of the children.
    Hope this helps.

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