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What's the best way to teach the Scientific Method?

Discussion in 'Science' started by gailrobinson, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    Alessio is the subject adviser on TES Resources for science. You can see a bit more info about Alessio here on his TES page
    Please be nice [​IMG]

  2. alessio

    alessio Administrator

    Ahahah! Well, you could tell I am an Alien, as from a different land. I am Italian ;-)

    Thanks Gail for introducing me. Apologies if my post wasn't that clear. My specialism is Science and I have been asking teachers (mainly through the TES Science page, or landing page which Gail posted above) what Science topics they found most difficult to teach. The most popular response was the Scientific Method, which I think would include aspects of How Science Works, particularly how to get learners to cope with fluctuations in measurements (as someone put it).

    Have you got any suggestions or is there something that you've tried that worked well in your class? It would be great to hear more about it.


    Alessio (TES Science Adviser)
  3. Hi

    HSW is a key focus in Science, one think all ability pupil struggle with is drawing graphs especially line graph- what is the thing with joining dot.dot with line graph.
    I have used what to do and not do when drawing graph but still many pupils struggle any ideas any one

    Any idea on how to get pupils more confident in themself and be more independent in science learning?
  4. alessio

    alessio Administrator

    Yes, graphing skills are pretty difficult for some learners to grasp!
    I think part of the problem with dot to dot is that they are allowed to do it when handling some sets of data in Biology. Is it to do with sets of data that deal with variables that could be affected by a variety of factors difficult to control, like population growth, etc...? Please correct me, if I am wrong! But because the pupils find joining dot to dot, they then try to do it in all their Science graphs.
    The Institute of Physics has this great line of best fit rulers, which are basically normal rulers, but thicker than usual and with a straight cut in the middle where you can fit your pencil and draw a straight line. It is very easy to get a good balance of plots above and below the line using that!
  5. Rhysboy

    Rhysboy New commenter

    We tend not to teach the scientific method as such in the UK. It is (was?) part of How Science Works, usually called investigations where students decide on the variables to be changed and measured and then conduct an experiment.
    The scientific method is taught more in the US I believe.
  6. I wasn't being nasty (perhaps my attempt at humour didn't come across, so hope you forgive me?) It was just that both of those terms are not ones I have come across before in the world of schools and seemed a little strange. I now understand and now know that you are now obviously not (quite) an alien, Alessio!
  7. alessio

    alessio Administrator

    :) No offence at all! Don't worry! It could well have been an American who started adding the Scientific Method as an answer to our question and probably others followed!

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