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What's the best SEN qualification?

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by RamC, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. RamC

    RamC New commenter

    Honestly, experience and being able to cite practical examples of your work is sometimes more beneficial than a qualification. A CV is only appealing because of passion, commitment to the field and enthusiasm rather than a list of completed courses.

    There are many courses ranging from spld courses in dyslexia to MEd in PMLD teaching, so you would need to decide what specifically you are interested in. International schools are likely to recognise formal qualifications like an MEd as opposed to accredited courses etc.
  2. I am a parent with dyslexic kids in secondary at an international school so options are limited. The staff are kind and give up their spare time to work with the kids but I don't think any have specific qualifications in SEN. I would like to encourage the Head to spend some money on training. Clearly since we are not in the UK this would need to be during holidays. Are there any meaningful courses during the holidays which would give the necessary strategies to help my kids and others like them in the school?
    If the school wanted to recruit a SEN teacher what qualifications should they be asking for?
    All advice welcome.

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