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what's on your working wall in your reception classroom?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by peatles, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Just what it says really, what is on yours? numeracy and literacy.

    Love to hear your ideas
  2. Just what it says really, what is on yours? numeracy and literacy.

    Love to hear your ideas
  3. I don't have a working wall! Woohoo!
  4. Every wall is a "working wall" -we have things that can be put on and off all over-and the children do it too.
  5. that is exactly what I think however the peop[le who walk around our school seem to need a flashing neon sign saying 'working wall' else they don't see it!!!!
  6. In the early years - I would like to see the main display wall as a phonics reading and writing wall.
    I would like to see very clear alphabetic code friezes up to the point the children have reached in the alphabetic code for the teacher to refer to in her teacher-led lessons and to build up as the lessons progress.
    I would like to see any tricky, common words clearly displayed on the main wall (and also next to any writing area).
    I would like to see some cumulative words for the children to be able to blend - or a poem, for example, that the children can read aloud together.
    I would like to see some graphemes on a 'say the sounds' poster for the children to say the sounds at any point during the day; and also for the teacher to say the sounds so the children can point to the graphemes.
    I would like to see any writing attempts of the children on the wall to appreciate their efforts at writing - and this can be built up and changed as a continuum. It would be good to include their pictures to match the writing too.
    I would like to see an alphabet to show the bank of letter shapes - both lower case and upper case.
  7. Our EYFS advisor suggested things you are learning that week e.g. sounds, numbers to 10 and photos with captions e.g. 'Toby made a long train track, can you make a longer one?' As we put things up, we show the children.
    In my ideal classroom I wouldn't have a learning wall, but I'm in a school with a category so I tick the necessary boxes and worry about the big things........the childrens happiness and learning.
  8. In all our carpet areas where a focused activity takes place we have a Jolly Phonics frieze, tricky words that we are working on, alternative tree poster and letter formation poster. Above this we have a number line with odd numbers in one colour and even numbers in another.
    Like the idea of having sentences to read or a poem. The children to refer to it and even my own child who is five when he comes in talks about it. We have quite a lot of walls and the others are filled with kids work.

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