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What's it like being a QCF Diploma (previously NVQ) assessor?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Georgia99, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Georgia99

    Georgia99 New commenter

    Hi all. I am currently finishing a PGCE (14-19) and have been posting my cv about as I am looking for my first teaching or lecturing job.
    I have been contacted by a private training company with an offer of an interview for the position as an assessor of the Diploma's that have replaced the NVQs.
    I discussed the role with them on the phone but obviously they were very keen on telling me how great the job is, the company etc...basically trying to sell themselves to me.
    Guess what I'm looking for is some real life opinions on what this work is like? I also don't know if QTS/PGCE allows you to be an assessor or if I need to take an assessor qualification?

  2. its ok but can be tedious and soul destroying when you have a learner who is obviously not competent but the college insisting you get them through, the time constraints too. you may have a contract that is time limited ie 30 hours per learner. you visit them all in their settings workplace and then professional discussions to fill in gaps. you need to do the assessors qualification which is all paperwork but not too bad.
  3. Hi Georgia

    I love being an Assessor; yes there are times when it's frustrating but isn't that true of any job? You get to see learners who have often been lost in the system or not enjoyed school and are looking at vocational qualifications.

    All Assessors are required to take the Assessors award (part of the Learning and Development Level 3 group) the QCF version has specific units for this including a multiple choice test - very different from the old A1 award!

    This can be a very rewarding job as a lot of the learners didn't do so well at school - depending on whether you are doing work based learning you could have some interesting adult learners who have little faith in the system and can turn this around into having them achieve something - the best part of my job!

    I would say in this market to give it a go - you never know you might just love it! You will at least get a chance to put into practice some of the things you have learnt. If you want to know anything specific, let me know.

    Kind regards and good luck!
    Charlie x
  4. Georgia99

    Georgia99 New commenter

    Thanks Tavi and Charlies for the replies. I phoned them today and they would fund me through the assessor award if I got the job.
    It's good to hear you enjoy it Charlie and it has made me feel positive about it. It was never something I had considered but I do like the idea of work place learning and using my own vocational experience too and of course my teaching experience.
    Is there much work to do in your own time? Like with teaching I can spend weekends, evenings and half my holidays doing it. I'd be prepared to settle for the 25 days annual leave they are offering if it means having my free time to myself!!
    What I don't want to do is take the job and then leave as soon as a NQT job comes up because they will be putting me through training etc, it doesn't seem fair, well at least not in the first year anyway. Most probably would but I would feel bad!!

  5. Honestly - sometimes! As a private company with your own diary, there is also the times when you can "arrange" afternoons off (like this Fri when off to a wedding!) and when I need to arrange to drop off/collect from school I can.

    There are also the opportunities to obtain NVQ's for yourself (including the Assessors award), yes, especially when you start as there is an incredible amount of paperwork, you will probably find yourself doing some of this in your own time but this also depends on how strict you wish to be with the meetings etc.

    Think of it as a bit like teaching where you will take marking home to work on or SoW to create etc. TBH I would leave for a "proper" teaching job - typically I have just seen the perfect job but have just been offered my verifiers award by my employer; so will complete this and then look again after!

    Don't miss out on the opportunity; it's fun and instead of a class you get 1-2-1 time with the learner, so it's a good time to try out the things you have learnt without some of the stress! Plus, with all the changes to HE/FE etc this is work :)

    Even with some of the work I do outside of my official hours, the good massively outweighs the bad and I get to help those learners who do not feel they would ever get a qualification - especially Key Skills and it's the feeling of helping these learners that makes my job worthwhile. I hope you give it a go; plus having the Assessors award is always a benefit!

    Charlie x
  6. Georgia99

    Georgia99 New commenter

    Thanks Charlie that's great. Have you got any tips for the interview? With teaching interviews I've always had a schedule and expectations of what I need to plan. But for this all I have is a time and an address. Have no idea what they might ask me? But have been told that I might have to complete a literacy and numeracy test.
    I have no idea if it will be a formal interview, a panel or what!?
    There aren't even any teaching jobs to apply for in my subject at the moment so I am keeping my fingers crossed for this interview on Friday. My only reservation would be that I would worry it is a bit target driven because they told me I get a bonus for each completion but guess that makes up for the lower basic salary and I hope I get mileage back too or it definitely won't be worth my while!!
  7. Hi
    If they are offering to pay for your award it could mean they have a high staff turnover.
    Check it out!

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