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What's happening in Amman now?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Foneypharaoh, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. (in Mike Myers voice)
    Well, thank you so much, I was not aware of that..
  2. bbibbler

    bbibbler New commenter

    Add it to the long list
  3. Your imagination..
  4. Nothing to do with buccaneers, me hearties. "Desert Pirate" because "Desert Gas" would sound silly.

    Pharaoh - he's a troll. Don't feed him
  5. "He" as in Dribbler
  6. Not sure he is. He has offered some common sense in the past as Blibbler, midlifecrisis and 'maybe not' as landingstrip, but he has tripped up recently and upset a few of the old stagers on here. I am convinced he has made up his illnesses - and why tell us anyway? Serious, serious character flaws.
    But he has 30+ years of experience, so is over 50! What sort of person of that maturity and time in the teaching professions comes on here to do what he is doing?
    If it was a bloke in his twenties or even thirties being a complete and utter, annoying cock I could sort of get it. But being a complete and utter, annoying cock at 50+ smacks of a life, less than fulfilling.
    Still, as long as he gets loved long time, lots of the time, good luck to him.
  7. You are far more generous than I would be, given his approach to you at times, but that probably shows what an unforgiving fellow I am - my contribution to this thread about a school I haven't worked in for nearly three years is probably added emphasis of that.
    I'm not an old stager, so I've been unaware of his history. What I tend to see is threads diverting from the point to whatever he wants to talk about, often himself, which to me is trolling in its purest form.Then again it's not for me to tell people what to talk about, so I suppose it was ultimately an unnecessary comment. Sorry.
  8. I am guilty of diverting threads as well, however, I think Shriek has got the message about the Amman place, so hopefully, he isn't too brassed off with the diversion. Shriek PM'd me and I PM'd him.
    Shame others can't be so courteous....
    I am slightly biased because I find Amman expensive and dull. If you were to get a job at a poor school there, daily life could be pretty tough.


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