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What's going on in Maths at the moment? I've lost track

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by brookes, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Had an awful term of staff absence and OFSTED and all sorts. I'm now starting to get my head above water again. This time last year we were all about the Vorderman Report, changes to GCSE, changes to A-Level etc. Can anyone give us some information on what's happening? (Our LEA appear to have dropped subject consultants, from whom we used to get quite a bit of info and I'm not sure how that gap is going to be filled).
  2. Watch this space; but it might take time for it to settle.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    GCSE maths is too easy so you have to do an end of year 11 exam but not enough people carry on maths so they're going to have to but it might not be called maths because actually people in this country aren't very good at maths so we're going to call it numeracy instead and we're probably going to introduce something like that sometime.
    At least I think this is what's happening. Question is when? And how? Who will it affect? What does post 16 maths mean? Which year groups will be affected?
    Watch this space.
  4. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    do you need to worry much about the circle moving round once more?
    Read the guidance from your exam board, ask to attend their update course, stating the reasons above as why you need to attend. There is always informal time to ask for updates such as you want to know about.
    I've always found the board advisors are very helpful, you can always ring them for advice too!
    but not much point keeping right up to date as it will all change before it gets to school level anyhow!
  5. Maths is maths. It doesn't change that much.
    Just carry on teaching on what you think best.
    Can't be too far wrong, and will probably be right.


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