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Whatever to do...Spain versus South Korea

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Bubblegum98, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. I am relatively new to this international teaching business so hoping there are some wise-minded people out there who can offer some insight.
    I've been spending a disproportionate amount of my weekend over the last month or so doing job applications and have got two interviews coming up on the same weekend! The first one I got I will definitely go to, flights to are already booked. It's for a job at a Catholic school in Madrid, not paid very well but in Madrid, city life, lovely food and wine, practise a bit of Spanish, close to family and friends in England. Lovely.
    The second interview I have just found out about today. It is for a job is on the island of Jeju off the coast of South Korea, a new shiny school, lots of new colleagues, everyone in the same boat, exciting far flung place and reasonably well paid, I would assume, so I could do something about my worrying lack of a pension. Great travel options for SE Asia. Interview is in London (on April Fool's Day - significant?). Also I think it's for a three year contract? Not sure about how easy it would be to leave before the end of three years?
    The question is really, whether or not I should go for the second interview. Is two interviews in separate locations a good idea? London on Friday and Madrid on Monday. Plus this would mean asking my current head for another day off work. And does anyone have any info, however small, on either of these locations or schools if you know them to help me make my mind up?
    Thank you!
  2. It depends what you want out of the international teaching experience. I also teach business, were they posted on TES???
  3. Imagine if only one of them(either) offered you a post - would you still take it? If so go to both, remember it is possible that you may not be offered either. If you are good/lucky one will offer and the decision is made for you, very good/lucky they will both offer and you have a choice to make.
  4. [​IMG]
    I thought that was quite good!
    Are you a troll.....or will we have to wait for your reply in another two years.....?
  5. I currently work in madrid and can tell you its a fantastic city to be in. Its a really safe and friendly city with loads of cultural stuff happening all the time, you also have the mountains about 30 mins away and obviously the AVE high speed network has its hub in madrid. The schools work you hard but the kids are great and all the staff i work with are great as well. You could definetly do a lot worse than coming here. hope it gives you food for thought.
  6. Bubblegum..I'm trying to work out which of us you were on Friday!!!!! Hungary?? I've decided that I want Jeju and fingers x'd - know they've taken up refs (Friday pm) but interview wasn't too amazing - rabbit in headlights syndrome dammit!!!xx
  7. Hi, yes definitely sold on the whole idea of going to Jeju! I think going and looking round the school was very reassuring. Baileysgal your deductions about me would be correct! Thanks also for the comments about the HT I've heard lots of positives too, it's good to know I'd have a good boss! Had a great time in Madrid but the school wasn't for me, city is very similar to my current location, which is not what I'm looking for. I've got four more interviews coming up so I hope we hear something soon otherwise my dilemmas are going to get even trickier! Fingers crossed for us all!
  8. My referees were approached on the Friday afternoon but that may have just been because I told them that I knew one of them was very likely to be going on holiday on the Saturday as was breaking up friday pm!!! All is not lost yet - this is the only one i'm going for though as really don't want to keep trawling for jobs so will give up on Saturday!!! Fingers crossed for everyone though.......x (really really really really want this though as loved the school!!)
  9. Nope no taxi rides for me! My interview was on Friday. They asked if they could take up references on Friday afternoon which made me feel all optimistic but I know my current headmaster hasn't been contacted yet! :(
  10. Oh good luck I have sent an email to Rachel Breckner as I cant cope with the suspense probably not the done thing however I would rather know.Like you I loved the school and really really want it too wish..... wish ......wish
  11. i'm pretty sure that i won't get it as interview part didn't go too well - for some reason I just couldn't formulate answers which is not normally an issue but mouth just wouldn't work at all!!!! arrrrrrrgh.....McDonalds here I come.....!
  12. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    Crumbs, a thread full of suspense. I'm rooting for you all.
    Personally, I've never considered Korea so perhaps will check it out.
  13. oh my god.......Jeju here I come!!!!!!!!! arrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh
  14. Jaupua

    Jaupua New commenter

  15. Well done to you both I however was not so lucky not taking my application any further [​IMG]
  16. bad luck andreajcj - guess at least they emailed you back. xxxx
  17. Yeah Congrats to the guys who got the jobs. Unlucky to those that did not. Not been to Jeju so cant really comment but i hear it's where a lot of couples go and it's meant to be really nice.
    If you still want to teach IB in Korea, although there are only 5 IB Schools in the country there will be 1 IB School hiring a few new teachers to begin around January-February. Keep an eye on teachanywhere.com. Feel free to PM me for more info.
  18. Hello
    I am just finishing my GTP Graduate Teachers Programme, I was interested in teaching abroad, but when I looked into it you needed two years experience. Just wondered how you went about getting your job?
  19. Well done you two! I have been watching this thread from afar and am very chuffed for you!

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