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Whatever Next

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by clairep781, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Hi has anyone got any pictures of the events in Whatever Next which I can use for a sequencing activity please?
  2. Hi has anyone got any pictures of the events in Whatever Next which I can use for a sequencing activity please?
  3. try sparkle box
  4. I have black and white pics that I have used as a sequencing activity...I can email them to you if you like?
  5. Curly_girl,

    I am doing Space at the moment and I would really appreciate a copy of your sequencing pictures! This would fit in great with next weeks work.
    many thnaks,

  6. rmee1 check out Hamilton trust- I downloaded some free SPace topic ideas & also went on **********! Hope this helps
  7. poppy1968

    poppy1968 New commenter

    Hi there
    I am also doing Whatever Next and would be so grateful for the sequencing pictures. The children could retell the story and also maybe cut out the pictures and put them in order. Thanks in advance.
  8. Would be so grateful for a copy too. Looking at this book with my year one class. Thank you.

  9. Have emailed pictures. Sorry for delay...Internet connection down for the weekend.
  10. Thanks curly_girl for sending the pics but they havent arrived on my email. just checking you didnt miss me!:)


    Thank you so much for sharing the pics will be very useful!

  11. i am doing whatever next this week as wll, could anybody email me a copy, i would be really grateful!
  12. elt92

    elt92 New commenter

  13. Hi not sure if anyone still has these but I could really do with a copy so if anyone has them would you be kind enough to send them my way: laura_evs29@hotmail.co.,uk

    Thanks :)
  14. http://www.tes.co.uk/ResourceDetail.aspx?storyCode=6028210

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