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Whatever happened to the innovators of Business Education?

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by julie282, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. julie282

    julie282 New commenter

    In my early years of teaching we had some really innovative stuff going on - of course it is all so mainstream now.

    What ever happened to the NBISP/NDTEF/ICAA people such as Ben Kelsey and Judith Kappel? Any one else on here old enough to remember the Double Option Business and information Studies - those were the days!

    Then there was the Nuffield Business and Economics project, Nancy Wall and Jenny Wales are two names that spring to mind.

    BizEd seems to have lost it's mojo nowadays - there was such good stuff on there but it has not been maintained.[​IMG]

    Times 100 has started charging!!!! [​IMG]

    Is Chris Siveright still ruffling feathers?[​IMG]

    I'm making a return to teaching Business Studies after several years of chronic illness, and I miss my old support network; thank goodness tutor2u and Jim Riley are still carrying the banner!![​IMG]



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