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What would your dream classroom look like?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by funkydante, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. I've been trying to some planning but have, of course, started to procrastinate. I've been thinking about what I would have in my ideal classroom, built from scratch. So far I can think of lots of space, lots of storage, a large role-play area and a nice comfy sofa/reading area. I was wondering what other people would have in their ideal classroom?
  2. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Lots of space and light, hot and cold water and a door
  3. roise

    roise New commenter

    A garden with raised beds for planting, a quiet study area for children easily distracted, huge windows, high ceilings with washing lines that can be pulled up or down, a library with lots of space for reading books, easels set up for painting and possibly next to beach in a hot country! This is much more fun than planning!
  4. A lovely practical area which includes kitchen utensils (enough for several groups so we don't all have to share the one, sad-lookg spatula) and a proper, grown-up, working cooker!
    Definitely agree with the raised beds. I'd also want chickens, a dog and some goldfish.
    A lovely break-out area outside with decent resources.
    A huge "normal" whiteboard to go next to a large, working, bright-enough-to-see IWB. And a flip-chart easel.
    A class set of working, wireless laptops, permanently charged, just for use by children in my class.
    Enough recording equipment (voice, video, stills) for the class to use, again - permanantly charged and just for us.

  5. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    A bit like the one I have, but about double the size and with magic cleaning/tidying powers (though I have a few children who would be devastated not be able to wipe tables and wash up after every art lesson!).

    Windows down one side, lots of display board space, large reading corner, big teacher cupboard for all my mess are all things I have.

    I'd like a dedicated permanent art area, a role play area, a covered outdoor area that children can use without an adult being there and a permanent storytelling area.

    Mainly what I'd like are resources for practical activities (children's counting sticks, wowo phoneme frames, playdoh, etc)
  6. cazzielou

    cazzielou New commenter

    This is my classroom at the moment and it is an absolute nightmare! The space is lovely but it makes the children feel like they have more of an excuse to run around (not that I allow it of course!) the carpet area is huge so I have had to put tape along the area that they are allowed to sit in to confine them to an area which is within my peripheral vision! I have masses of storage space but somehow they get filled with junk (not from myself I will add but from other people that come into the classroom). As I have an L shaped classroom I have 6 walls, which means more display boards to fill, really annoying and time consuming! The only thing I do like is having a large role play area for all the children to design and a lovely relaxing reading corner for them to concentrate on proper reading. In theory it sounds great to have a large classroom but in practise it just means more gumpfh to do to satisfy my whinging headteacher!

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