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What would you want from a ww2 living history visit?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by dasboy, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. depends how the bookings go :)
  2. depends how the bookings go :)
  3. Dress as a school boy. Your story line being that you were in London during some of the bombings because your Mum didn't send you off with the first of the evacuees, recount the experience of the bombings and air raid shelter life etc, then with your suitcase in hand, explain that she realised the need for you to be evacuated and how you became an evacuee and then go on to tell stories of an evacuee etc. Show them pictures you drew of the bombings, your evacuee label etc, the diary you are keeping as an evacuee and letters from home. Show them the contents of your suitcase, your darned (mended!) wool socks and so on. This would I think engage their attention and be filled with useful facts and information. Sounds brilliant. Enjoy, I'm sure the children will.

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