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What would you expect as a supply teacher for long term supply (maternity cover)?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by jo_the_star, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Thanks for the ideas. The role would be to run the Nursery setting, I have put together a bulk of the file with information about;
    • Topics
    • Events in school
    • Nursery routine
    • Groupings
    • Assessment procedures
    • Planning (and where to access previous planning)
    • Resources (and info about where they are stored)
    • Trips/visits/visitors
    • Using ICT: computer/printer/copier
    • Issuing certificates
    If you have any other suggestions that may be helpful, then please let me know.
    Many thanks! [​IMG]
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Ooh, STAR forYOU jo_the_star!
    • Topics
    • Events in school
    • Nursery routine
    • Groupings
    • Assessment procedures Merit mark!
    • Planning (and where to access previous planning) Merit mark!
    • Resources (and info about where they are stored) 2 merit marks
    • Trips/visits/visitors
    • Using ICT: computer/printer/copier (check they have login details, number for the photocopier)
    • Issuing certificates

  3. What I would suggest you do (and I am awful for saying this, however it must be said) is to not muck about when you come back. The students, the staff and I were comprehensively mucked about by a "shall I come back, no I won't, yes I will, Ohhh, I'm off again, no I'm not" returning teacher. What actually happened was that I was in a school for ages, settled in and then was pulled out when the teacher returned, only to be put in another school for a couple of weeks and then the teacher went off again, etc, etc. This dragged on and on and in the end the teacher decided to leave. In the meantime, the potential of the students had been smashed. Having been in many schools with many maternity leaves, the big muck about and where the *** ups happen is when the staff come back. Sadly, the students need consistency, not self-indulgence. If you insure the minimum of mucking about, all will be fine, for you, your fellow staff, and most importantly, your students.
  4. I'll certainly be upfront about the length of time that I'll be off work. I'd hate to be messed around too, so if I decide to make any changes to my return to work date, then I'll be letting school know asap. My priority is continuity for the children, so I'm trying to organise as much as possible in advance and I'm anticipating making regular visits to 'keep in contact' and hopefully work closely with the supply teacher, in order to ensure that it's the best scenario for all involved.
  5. When I've covered maternity leave it's basically been:
    Logging onto the computer and where stuff's saved on the system
    Class routines
    Where to find stuff
    Codes for things like photocopiers etc - any particular quirks of the photocopier (ours didn't like Monday mornings so knowing in advance not to request anything demanding - like a sheet of photocopied paper - before noon would have been handy... the blooming thing needed an exorcism to be honest)
    Class needs - IEPs, other SEN, general quirky customers, parents to keep an eye out for (and how to handle 'em if there were particular things known to kick 'em off)
    What you want kept the same way, what you're happy to have changed - I've always been given pretty much free rein (but the staff I've been covering haven't been planning on coming back really), but some people go nuts if the maths display board suddenly gets swapped with the science one or whatever.
    Anything else is workable around!

    The one thing with dropping in to keep in touch - it's nice if the cover teacher gets a bit of forwarning about it happening - the teacher I was covering was very fond of doing it unwarned to me, just appearing in class, which inevitably caused excitement and uproar among the kids and threw into disarray what I was trying to get through that lesson - just knowing in advance so the appearance could be coincided with something less time-critical would have been nice at times... if you get what I mean - sort of that dropping in when quiet reading was going on was easier than dropping in when a science lesson we were already going to be pushed for time to get done, tidied and written up in the time available!
  6. Edit's timed out sorry!
    Oh and codes for doors! One school I used to do regular supply in has its staff areas behind coded doors that they NEVER give supplies codes for. Fine, security's all well and good - but the loos are behind there and there's nowt like standing there at playtime, busting for a pee, hoping that someone sees you doing the wee-wee dance and comes to let you in, with the playtime clock ticking away in the background!
    I never got the code for the staff carpark padlock in the entire time I was at one school (a full year)... really cheesed me off that one.
  7. Thanks once again for your suggestions and recommendations!
  8. Any further suggestions would be appreciated! Jo [​IMG]
  9. Is there a chance for you to meet who'll be doing your cover? I'm on mat leave at the moment and met the girl doing my cover for a couple of hours - i gave her the lists and plans and things but she got to ask me questions - stuff I'd missed out on! Means you can show her / him where everything is too and let them get a feel for the place.

  10. Wuzzy

    Wuzzy New commenter

    What you are proposing to leave for your maternity cover is great - but give her/him room to breathe and make the class their own. If you are going to be off until the end of the year, it will be their class. Giving as much info as possible is the most tremendous help for the first few weeks - especially for assessment purposes (EYFS profile etc) but don't expect them to teach exactly how you do.
    I agree with other posters, it's all the little things that really help - door codes, photocopying rules/codes, ICT log ins, assessment deadlines, groupings, friendship groupings, special needs info. etc. One bigger thing is where resources are stored (and who to see if you need particular things). Previous planning and LTP and MTP overview are very useful too.
    Having done several maternity covers, the opportunity to spend a day or two with the regular class teacher and the children in the class before they go is invaluable - you then have a heads up on putting names to faces of the children and you are not a complete stranger when you start for real.

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